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Congress, regulators must step in on health care cybersecurity

Let’s face it, there is not a single digital infrastructure in our society impervious to the focused, deliberate attacks of cyber criminals. Every day it seems we learn of another cyberattack bringing down a bank, a hospital, a university


APhA calls for strong cybersecurity measures following Change Healthcare outage

WASHINGTON - The Change Healthcare cyberattack made obvious the deep vulnerabilities of our nation’s digital health care infrastructure, resulting in devastating patient care disruption, particularly at community and health system pharmacies across the country. The attack, and even more so the prolonged inability to restore service, severed the lifelines to patient coverage and reimbursement for needed medications.


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Semaglutide yields positive results for patients with obesity-related heart failure and T2D

Results of a new study published in NEJM found that semaglutide led to greater reductions in weight loss and heart failure–related symptoms in patients who had obesity-related heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and T2D compared with placebo.

Does biosimilar competition lower costs for patients?

Biosimilars have typically been viewed as cost-saving medications, but according to results of a study published in JAMA Health Forum, biosimilar competition did not consistently lower out-of-pocket costs for outpatients who were commercially insured. In fact, in some cases, costs even increased.