The Essential Role of Pharmacy in Response to COVID-19

Pharmacists and their teammates contributed to America’s health and recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of lives touched and people cared for by pharmacists continues to rise. Thanks to care provided by pharmacists, patients across the country could access essential services, such as testing, treatment, and vaccinations.

By The Numbers: Pharmacy’s Response to COVID-19

Download and share this infographic to show others how pharmacists and pharmacy teams have been essential to the COVID-19 response.


The Essential Role of Pharmacy in Response to COVID-19

Essential services: Quantifying the contributions of America’s pharmacists in COVID-19 clinical interventions

By expanding their clinical services to help their communities from every practice setting, pharmacists and their teammates provided multiple hundreds of millions of clinical interventions to hundreds of millions of people. In the article below, pharmacist, globally recognized vaccinologist, and APhA member, John D. Grabenstein, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, FASHP, begins to quantify pharmacy’s contributions during COVID-19.

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The Essential Role of Pharmacy & the Need to Ensure Patient Access to Pharmacy Care

Federal and state legislation is needed to maintain pharmacists’ authority to provide essential public health services and establish reimbursement mechanisms. Action must be taken to ensure patients can continue to receive timely and consistent care from pharmacists to protect against COVID-19, flu, and RSV. While H.R. 7213 did not pass in 2022, pharmacists can use this resource as an example when preparing to meeting with policymakers.

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Quantifying the ‘heroic’ work of pharmacists during the pandemic

This Pharmacy Today article covers how COVID-19 upended the world and pharmacists’ roles expanded.

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