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You’re committed to pharmacy. We’re committed to your well-being.

Your well-being is everything. As the only organization advancing the entire pharmacy profession – helping pharmacists and pharmacy personnel find success and satisfaction in their work, APhA continually develops resources to help keep you inspired and combat burnout. APhA Statement on Pharmacists Well-being In 2018, the APhA Board of Trustees adopted a statement on Pharmacists Well-being and Resiliency and committed to addressing this issue by including it in the Association’s strategic plan.

Pharmacy Workplace & Well-being Reporting

Wellness Survey

Tell your story by submitting your experience to PWWR. Confidential and anonymous.

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Assess Your Level of Stress

Wellness Survey

Burnout is real. Now APhA has an online screening tool, invented by the Mayo Clinic, to evaluate fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety/stress, and mental/physical quality of life to assess your well-being. It’s 100% anonymous and evaluates distress in just 9 questions.

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Beat Burnout/Build Resiliency

Well Being Resources

We’ve been with you from the start, and we’re here for you now. APhA is a dependable ally through every phase of your pharmacy career and that includes times of stress and uncertainty. From work-life balance to managing stress we have resources to help.

Well-Being Resources

Pharmacist’s Fundamentals

Pharmacist’s Fundamentals

The Pharmacist’s Fundamental Responsibilities and Rights is focused on pharmacists’ responsibilities and workplace expectations needed to fulfil their responsibilities. Pharmacists, pharmacy personnel, employers, patients, health professionals, and those that govern pharmacy practice and healthcare delivery should use these principles as a foundation for meaningful conversations about pharmacy practice.

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