How to Find or Request a Certificate to be Reissued

Can I reprint my certificate?

If you have requested your certificate to be reissued recently, please check your APhA profile (My Account, Biographies & Attachments) Not There? - This may indicate you have more than one APhA profile / account. If two or more accounts are possible, please contact APhA's Customer Service Team.

Any certificate earned prior to January 28, 2022 was on a prior elearning platform. However, please be assured that APhA has record of your completion. If you cannot find your certificate, please send us a request to have it reissued. See How to request a certificate to be reissued. There is a $25 fee, and we will place it on your APhA account for your convenience.


How to request a certificate to be reissued

Download and Complete


CoA Reissuing Instructions and Request Form

  • If paying by check, please download and mail the completed form as directed.
  • If paying by credit card, please provide the information requested on the form above and reach out to APhA's Customer Service Team.
  • The form can also be faxed to 844.390.3782
    For your security, do NOT provide your credit card information in an email or on a fax.
  • You can also call the APhA Customer Service Team at 1.800.237.2742 to also request your certificate. However, you will need to provide the information in the form above over the phone. In the event of high volume of requests, you may be asked to email the completed form.

Where is my reissued certificate?


  • Requests are being processed within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Once request is processed, the reissued certificate will be uploaded to your APhA profile / account and you should receive an email from that it has been uploaded.
  • If you have already submitted the request, and it has been over two days, please login and click on My AccountBiography & Attachments where you should find your certificate. If you do not see the attachment, contact APhA's Customer Service Team.