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Mark your calendar for APhA2018 – held March 16-19, 2018 in the Music City Center in downtown Nashville. 

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APhA ENGAGE: Current Discussions

44 minutes ago
BPS appointments to sterile compounding specialty council

​ BPS today announced appointments to the new Sterile Compounding Specialty Council (see below).   Congratulations to Duann Thistlethwaite, former…

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3 hours ago
Reimbursement Consultant
Posted in: APhA Open Forum

Does anyone know of an excellent reimbursement consultant for a compounding formula intended use is Adenocarcinoma.    Regards,   Marlene Wright…

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4 hours ago
RE: Pharmacogenomics (PGx): A Strategic View

Michael,Thanks for the discussion thread. I thought I would add that the American Council for Pharmacy Education set forth the requirement that PGx…

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5 hours ago
RE: An ideal job..
Posted in: APhA Open Forum

Tammy, thanks for sharing this post.  Couldn't agree more that they WAY the message is communicated is probably more important than the message…

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