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Are you ready to expand your impact beyond the pharmacy workplace? APhA offers a variety of opportunities for you, as an APhA member, to make a difference in your profession, expand your professional network, strengthen your leadership skills, and build your résumé. Our volunteer positions range from short-term project commitments to long-term committee work or serving on the APhA Board of Trustees. Read more about our ongoing volunteer positions below, then complete the volunteer application for the positions of interest to you - please note you will be required to set up an account via our online platform by creating a unique username and password. Help us to advance the profession while advancing your career!

Student Pharmacists Volunteer at 3rd Annual Capitol Hill Health Fair 

Volunteer Positions

APhA-APRS Executive Council

APhA-APRS is seeking candidates to run for Chair-elect for each of the Academy’s Sections: Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Economic, Social, and Administrative Sciences (ESAS). Review the APhA-APRS Officer application to learn about the desired characteristics and responsibilities for each position.

Apply for the APhA-APRS Executive Council

APhA-APPM Executive Committee

APhA-APPM is seeking members to serve on the Executive Committee, including Member-at-Large (3 positions) and President-elect. Review the APhA-APPM Officer application to learn more about the desired characteristics and responsibilities for each position.  

Apply for the APhA-APPM Executive Committee

APhA-APPM Special Interest Groups

APhA-APPM is also seeking members to serve as Coordinator-elects for the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Compounding, Diabetes Management, Immunizing Pharmacists, Medical Home/ACO, Medication Management, Nuclear Pharmacy Practice, Preceptor, and Transitions of Care. Review the APhA-APPM SIG Coordinator-elect application to learn more about the desired characteristics and responsibilities for each position.

Apply for the APhA-APPM SIG Coordinator-elect

APhA Board of Trustees

APhA is seeking candidates for the offices of President-elect and Trustee (2 positions) for the APhA Board of Trustees. Review the President-elect and Trustee application for more information, including: application requirements, desired characteristics, responsibilities, time commitment, and more.  

Apply for the APhA Board of Trustees

APhA-APPM & APhA-APRS Call for Delegates

APhA-APPM and APhA-APRS are seeking member volunteers to serve as representatives in the APhA House of Delegates. Delegates are appointed by the APhA-APPM Executive Committee or APhA-APRS Executive Council and serve a 1 year term (June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019). Delegates are asked to participate in the following sessions during the APhA2019 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA: 

  • APhA2019 APhA-APPM Delegate First Caucus– Friday, March 22, 2019; 1:00 -2:30pm
  • APhA2019 APhA-APRS Delegate First Caucus - Friday, March 22, 2019; 1:00 - 2:30 pm
  • APhA2019 House of Delegates First Session – Friday, March 22, 2019; 3:00 -5:00 pm
  • APhA2019 APhA-APPM Delegate Second Caucus – Monday, March 25, 2019; 9:30 -11:00 am
  • APhA2019 APhA-APRS Delegate Second Caucus - Monday, March 25, 2019; 9:30 - 11:00 am
  • APhA2019 House of Delegates Second Session – Monday, March 25, 2019; 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Learn more and apply today!

APhA-APPM Care of Underserved Patients SIG Committees

The APhA-APPM Care of Underserved Patients SIG was established in March 2018 and is seeking individuals to serve on their newly formed Communications Committee and Education Committee. There are opportunities to serve as committee members, Chair/Co-chair of the committees, and the SIG Engage Moderator. Selected individuals will have the opportunity to inform and shape the direction of the SIG.

  • Communications Committee - Promote SIG discussions and SIG related activities and events through the Engage platform and other APhA communications.
  • Education Committee - Identify educational topics among SIG members in regards to caring for underserved patients and provide opportunities to bridge the education gap through CPE, speakers, webinars, informational handouts, etc.

Apply to be a committee member or leader by July 20!

Mentor360: Professional Connections

Professional Connections is where enthusiastic pharmacists who are interested in one on one mentoring are paired with experts to discuss a topic of mutual interest. It’s a great opportunity to develop trust and a deep professional connection that can benefit both the mentor and mentee in many ways. Mentor360 is an APhA member benefit and free to all pharmacist members. Student Pharmacists are not eligible for this program. 

Visit www.pharmacist.com/Mentor360 for additional information. 

APhA House of Delegates- House Committees

The APhA House of Delegates thrives on member involvement.  There are a number of opportunities that exist for you to serve your profession on a House Committee.  Volunteer opportunities are open to anyone who wants to be part of the 2017-2018 policy development process. Complete the committee volunteer interest form. Please note the deadline for the 2018 APhA House of Delegates Committees has passed but you may submit for 2019.

APhA Community Health Ambassador

The APhA New Practitioner Network is proud to offer New Practitioners the opportunity to give back to their communities, enhance their communication skills, and promote pharmacist-provided patient care services.

Learn more and volunteer today!


Contact Monica Ostrander, Associate Director, Practice Programs and Operations, at mostrander@aphanet.org

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