APhA COVID-19 Resources: Know the Facts


Practical Information for Pharmacists to Know Now

Practicing on the Front Line

  • COVID-19 Basics: Access key links for pharmacy personnel to the latest information on the disease and care delivery, practice changes, and managing well-being. (PDF) - UPDATED!
  • The NABP Passport: Facilitating Practice Across State Lines: FAQ on the temporary emergency licensure process during COVID-19 for pharmacists who want to serve patients in communities that cross state lines and licensing jurisdictions. (PDF) - UPDATED!
  • Engaging the Pharmacist Workforce to Address the COVID-19 Crisis: FAQ on volunteer opportunities for pharmacists and student pharmacists via in-person or virtual formats to assist local communities or neighboring states. (PDF) - UPDATED!

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During the Pandemic: FAQ guide on the effective use of PPE to protect pharmacy personnel and patients. Staying current with updated recommendations and guidance will help keep everyone safe and minimize the spread of the virus. (PDF - Minimum Requirements Chart)

Managing Your Pharmacy

  • Tips for Protecting Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff from COVID-19: Tips for workflow improvements—to prescription orders and refills, transactions, staff, and the pharmacy—that can decrease the risk of exposure to infected patients. (PDF)
  • Managing Suspected Cases of COVID-19 in Ambulatory Care/Community Pharmacy Settings: All pharmacies should have an action plan—and pharmacy personnel should be ready to implement that plan. (PDF)
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting: FAQ on taking appropriate measures to reduce the transmission of the virus in your pharmacy practice. (PDF) 
  • COVID-19 Fraudulent Medical Products and Scams: Examples of fraud and scams, red flags, and tips to protect pharmacists and patients. (PDF) - UPDATED!


  • Telehealth in Your Pharmacy Practice: Comprehensive FAQ on applying telehealth to your pharmacy practice. Learn about using innovative technology to care for patients during COVID-19—from HIPAA to Medicare and commercial payers to additional telehealth resources. (PDF) 


  • Demystifying Testing for the SARS-CoV-2 Virus: FAQ about COVID-19 testing that explains testing options, how to know which tests are recognized by FDA, and what qualifies a test to be provided in a pharmacy setting. (PDF)
  • Pharmacists’ Authority to Test for COVID-19: FAQ on authority from the federal level to the state level, including the HHS actions, states’ scope of practice, and APhA advocacy.  (PDF) - UPDATED!
  • Pharmacy Models for COVID-19 Testing: Interactive step-by-step overview of two common models—specimen collection in partnership with a laboratory, and point-of-care testing—and the associated payment opportunities at this time. (PDF) - NEW!


  • Vaccination Basics: Comprehensive FAQ guide for pharmacists vaccinating during the COVID-19 pandemic. (PDF) - UPDATED!
  • Pharmacists' Authority to Immunize During COVID-19: A comparison chart about the requirements for pharmacists to provide COVID-19 and childhood vaccines under new HHS authority during the public health emergency. (PDF) - NEW!
  • Vaccine and Storage Handling: A guide to help pharmacists identify key components of the CDC VFC recommendations. To protect the integrity of vaccine supply and to secure access to vaccine supply provided by federal and state entities, pharmacists should strive to adhere to these CDC-reviewed recommendations. (PDF) - NEW!

Preparing Your Health System

  • Operational Approaches for Health-System Pharmacy Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons on preparing and adapting your health-system pharmacy based on the experiences of pharmacy leadership in a multihospital health system in the Houston, TX, region. (PDF
  • Optimizing Your Health-System Pharmacy Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Pharmacy leaders from Mount Sinai Health System in New York, NY, and Med Center Health in Bowling Green, KY, offer advice on how they're tackling COVID-19 at their institutions. (PDF
  • Providing Outpatient Pharmacy Services in a Field/Surge Hospital: Checklist of considerations compiled by the pharmacy team at UNC Health that may be helpful when determining whether to provide outpatient pharmacy services in a field/surge hospital. (PDF) 


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