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Retired: Individuals over 65 and fully retired are eligible to continue your connection to the pharmacy community, keep informed, give back, and enjoy member benefits after a rewarding pharmacy career.  Annual membership fee - $143 (only $11.92 a month).


Veteran: Access exclusive resources and connect with a network of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who served in the U.S. military, fostering a supportive community that understands your unique experiences. Annual membership fee - $143 (only $11.92 a month).


International: Engage with the global pharmacy community, share your expertise, and gain insights from international colleagues, expanding your professional network. Annual membership fee - $285 (only $23.75 a month).

Transitioning Student

Transitioning Student: You will receive 24 months of APhA Membership that will guide you along your journey from graduation to career with a perfect combination of resources, connections, and the skills today’s employers value most.

Government/Federal US Pharmacist and Retired

Government/Federal US Pharmacist (and Retired): Connect with colleagues, stay informed on policy issues impacting government pharmacy practice, and access valuable resources specific to your role as a government/federal pharmacist. This category applies to both active and retired pharmacists. Annual membership fee $143 (only $11.92 a month)

Government/Federal Technician

Government/Federal Technician: Find valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support specifically designed for government/federal pharmacy technicians, connecting you with peers in your field. Annual membership fee - $29 (only $2.42 a month)


Spouse: Become part of the APhA community alongside your partner! Enjoy a discounted membership rate of $143 (saving $142) and gain access to everything APhA has to offer, together.