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Transitions is published bi-monthly for members of the APhA New Practitioner Network. The online newsletter contains information focused on life inside and outside pharmacy practice, providing guidance on various areas of professional, personal, and practice development. Each issue includes in-depth articles on personal financial management, innovative practice sites, career profiles, career development tools, and residency and postgraduate programs.

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March 2019

Automate your finances

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a New Practitioner when you are faced with multiple financial priorities. You not only have your monthly bills to pay, but you are also juggling how to pay off those pesky student loans while saving for retirement, building a down payment for a home, and hopefully having some fun along the way.

Giving back to my APhA–ASP Chapter

When I was as a member and co-president of the Butler University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences APhA–ASP Chapter, I was fortunate enough to meet and learn from the best mentors, both at the college and in the pharmacy community. I am still close with many of my mentors that I met during my time with APhA–ASP, so it really excites me that I am able to serve as a APhA New Practitioner Mentor for the chapter that has given me so much.

From resident to management: First months of life lessons

Since becoming a pharmacy manager in July, I have been challenging myself to implement lessons learned on leadership, management, human relations, and business planning to better my pharmacy, staff, and myself. Many of the shared thoughts below come from mentors, coaches, teachers, and friends who have had, and continue to have, an impact on my life.