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With a vote of 72-18, the Senate voted on Thursday to confirm noted oncologist Stephen Hahn as commissioner of the FDA. Hahn, chief medical executive at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, was nominated by President Trump to replace Scott Gottlieb, MD, who stepped down from the position earlier this year.

As many as 43% of antibiotic prescriptions in the United States may be "inappropriate," new research shows.

While the full scope of vitamin D’s effects on areas such as cardiovascular and mental health remains unclear, it has long been established that the nutrient is essential in maintaining strong bones and muscles. But a recent study published in JAMA revealed that taking too much vitamin D may be harmful.

Beginning in January, six more states will require electronic, or e-prescriptions for controlled substances, which include opioid analgesics. A year later, Medicare Part D will require controlled substances prescriptions to be submitted electronically.

The flu season is officially underway, according to CDC, which reported the virus in 1.7 million individuals—16,000 who have been hospitalized and 900 who have died from influenza.

Two of the world's largest drug manufacturers struck multibillion-dollar deals on Monday aimed at bolstering their lineups in the cancer drugs market. Merck announced Monday that it will acquire the biotech company ArQule for approximately $2.7 billion.

A new study suggests that it might be better for patients to take their blood pressure medication before bed, not in the morning. The study, published online in the European Heart Journal and based on the The Hygia Chronotherapy Trial, found that cardiovascular events were reduced by almost 50% when patients took their medication before bed.

In 2012, the World Health Assembly endorsed the Global Vaccine Action Plan; countries in all six World Health Organization (WHO) regions have adopted goals to eliminate measles by 2020. During 2000–2018, annual reported measles incidence decreased 66%, and annual estimated measles deaths decreased 73%.

Researchers examined the use of ubrogepant for treatment of single acute migraine attacks in a randomized trial involving 1,672 adults. About one-third of participants were assigned to an initial dose of placebo, with another one-third assigned to 50 mg of the study drug, and the remainder allocated to 100 mg.

Biogen on Thursday will present highly anticipated data on its experimental Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab, which the U.S. biotech company had declared a failure earlier this year. Experts say aducanumab still needs to overcome serious questions over Biogen’s new analysis of the trials.