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Recognizing the need for education and increased opportunities to receive immunizations, the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) collaboratively developed Operation Immunization. This was the first service project of this magnitude in the history of APhA or SNPhA. This program is an immunization education campaign designed to increase the public's knowledge of immunizations while raising the number of adults receiving immunizations. Participants include all of the APhA-ASP chapters with the help of trained practitioners and other healthcare professionals trained and certified to give immunizations.

While Operation Immunization is designed to benefit the public, your college campus is a great place to begin raising immunization rates and increasing awareness. Currently, the American College of Physicians recommends that annual influenza vaccine should be required for every healthcare worker with direct patient activities. These vaccines can effectively be given throughout the year and will prevent more than 50,000 deaths alone. APhA-ASP encourages participants to continually increase community awareness of immunization information and advise patients on where they can obtain the proper immunizations year-round.


Operation Immunization was launched as an official APhA-ASP National Patient Care project in 1997. Since that time, over 1 million individuals have an immunization through the Operation Immunization campaign. The 2015-2016 campaign had the following results:

  • 92 chapters participated 
  • 11,487 student pharmacists participated
  • 1,035 faculty participated
  • 1,945 pharmacy practitioners participated
  • 111,277 patients immunized 
  • 211,283 patients received Health & Wellness/Clinical Services 
  • 3,253,576 patients reached through public relations initiatives 

APhA-ASP recognizes each chapter that implements an Operation Immunization program in their community. One Chapter from each of the eight APhA-ASP regions are recognized during Mid-Year Regional Meetings. In addition, the eight regional winners, along with one national winner, and two national runners-up are recognized during during the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition at the APhA-ASP Opening General Session and in Student Pharmacist magazine.

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Reporting Guidelines

Operation Immunization Report Guidelines - Due Annually on June 15

Operation Immunization Report Executive Summary - Due Annually on June 15 (Submitted in addition to the essay and chronological list)

For questions or more information about the reporting guidelines please email the APhA Student Development Staff at APhA-ASP@aphanet.org

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