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As the public’s most accessible health care provider, pharmacists can play a significant role in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In fact, studies have already demonstrated the value of pharmacists in improving cardiovascular outcomes. In 2009, a trial published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that collaboration between physicians and pharmacists resulted in better control of hypertension, the most common CVD and a major contributor to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

As future health care professionals and patient advocates, student pharmacists can support these efforts and address an unmet need in public health by helping patients identify and understand their risks for CVD. Through public awareness, community outreach, and patient-specific education on cardiovascular risk factors, student pharmacists can empower patients to take control of their health and prevent cardiovascular disease before it starts.

Through participation in Operation Heart student pharmacist will work in their communities to encourage lifestyle modifications, monitor associated risk factors, and provide education about medications for heart disease.

Program Results

Operation Heart was launched as an official APhA-ASP National Patient Care project in 2010. During the 2015-2016 campaign student pharmacists achieved the following results:

  • 87 chapters participated
  • 15,527 students participated
  • 1,194 faculty participated
  • 1,156 pharmacists participated
  • 1,222 events conducted 
  • 7,063 patients referred to their primary care provider 
  • 145,128 patients received health and wellness services 
  • 4,485,144 patients educated through public relations initiatives 

APhA-ASP recognizes each chapter that implements an Operation Heart program in their community. One Chapter from each of the eight APhA-ASP regions are recognized during Midyear Regional Meetings. In addition, the eight regional winners, along with one national winner, and two national runners-up are recognized during during the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition at the APhA-ASP Opening General Session and in Student Pharmacist magazine. 


Project Planning Guide
Overview of Operation Heart
Education for Student Pharmacists

Online Resources

Reporting Guidelines

Operation Heart Report Guidelines - Due Annually on June 15

Operation Heart Report Executive Summary - Due Annually on June 15 (Submitted in addition to the essay and chronological list)

For questions or more information about the reporting guidelines please email the APhA Student Development Staff at APhA-ASP@aphanet.org


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The Operation Heart campaign is supported by Walgreens.

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