APhA-ASP House of Delegates


The House of Delegates is the policy‑making body of the APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP), an official Academy of the American Pharmacists Association. With representation at every school and college of pharmacy, APhA‑ASP is the collective voice of student pharmacists in the United States and Puerto Rico. The House is comprised of one delegate from each school or college of pharmacy, four APhA-ASP National Executive Committee members, and observers from student pharmacist and other health professional organizations.

APhA-ASP House of Delegates - Updated Timeline

Due to the cancellation of the APhA2020 Annual Meeting (March 20 - 23), the APhA-ASP House of Delegates will be conducted in two separate phases. The first phase was the APhA-ASP National Officer Elections, which took place virtually from Friday, March 20 - Thursday, April 2. The second phase will be the APhA-ASP Policy Process which will occur via virtual regional caucuses, open hearings, and a live APhA-ASP House of Delegates on Wednesday, September 23.

Chapter Delegate Registration
  • Chapter Delegate Registration - Due by 11:59 pm PDT on Monday, September 21

    Chapters may only submit the name of one (1) student pharmacist member to serve as the Chapter's Delegate and the name of one (1) student pharmacist member to serve as the Chapter's Alternate Delegate. Links will be sent to all APhA-ASP Chapter Delegates on the morning of Tuesday, September 22.

APhA-ASP House of Delegates - Policy Reports

APhA-ASP House of Delegates - Chapter Delegate Orientation

APhA-ASP House of Delegates Agenda and New Business Item Form

Chapter Delegate Materials

APhA-ASP Adopted Resolutions (Policy Book) and "The Capsule"

APhA-ASP Adopted Resolutions begin as ideas brought forth from individual members to their chapter. After much discussion on the chapter, regional, and national levels, the most prominent ideas are brought to the APhA-ASP House of Delegates during the APhA Annual Meeting each spring. Once passed by the House, those ideas become resolutions representing the collective voice of student pharmacists. Those resolutions are then addressed by the APhA-ASP Policy Standing Committee and APhA-ASP National Executive Committee for further action.

APhA-ASP MRM Closing Business Session Reports

While reviewing each of the proposed resolutions passed at the APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meetings, the APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee develops a ranked list of policy proposals. After 3 rounds of discussion, the Committee develops a consensus on the top issues and develops their report of proposed resolutions that will be brought before the APhA-ASP House of Delegates at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition. Appendix A of the APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee Report provides a reason code as well as a percentage of where all of the proposed resolutions ranked within the Committee's deliberations.

  • Report of the 2020 APhA-ASP Resolutions Committee - Appendix A - PDF (ranking and feedback from MRM2019 - Available in October 2020)

APhA-ASP National Officer Elections - Conducted March 27 - April 2

Voting for the APhA-ASP National Officers occurred on the following days:

  • Round 1 – Friday, March 27 (8:00 am-11:59 pm PT)

  • Round 2 – Monday, March 30 (8:00 am-11:59 pm PT)

  • Round 3 – Wednesday, April 1 (8:00 am-11:59 pm PT)

Results of the APhA-ASP National Officer Election were disclosed on Thursday, April 2. The following students were elected to APhA-ASP National Office:

  • APhA-ASP National President-elect, Juan Rodriguez
  • APhA-ASP National Member-at-large, Matthew Broadwater
  • APhA-ASP National Member-at-large, Laurie Plewinski
  • APhA-ASP Speaker of the House, Susan Dembny

For more information on the APhA-ASP National Officers, please visit APhA2020 Virtual Site

PharmFlix Video Contest Voting - Conducted March 27

Voting for the PharmFlix Most Humorous, Most Inspirational, and Best Overall Picture occurred during the first ballot of the APhA-ASP National Officer Candidates on Friday, March 27.
Results of the APhA-ASP PharmFlix Video Contest can be found on the APhA2020 Virtual Site

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