Introduction to the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Initiative

What are the goals of the Postgraduate Initiative?

  • To promote scientific research among peers.
  • To increase communication and interaction among postgraduate members.
  • To establish collaborative relationships between members and postgraduate leaders.
  • To increase awareness and to make available postgraduate related resources, tools and opportunities.

Who oversees the Postgraduate Initiative?

  • The Postgraduate Initiative is driven by the APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (APhA-APRS) Postgraduate Advisory Committee.
  • The committee is chaired by the 2023-2025 Postgraduate Officer, Tyler Wagner, Pharm.D., who can be reached at for questions or concerns.

What are the benefits of the Postgraduate Initiative?

  • Reduced membership dues
  • Discounted registration to the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition
  • Opportunity to present research and to compete for the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Best Paper Award
  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues across the country
  • Opportunity to serve on an APhA-APRS Committee
  • Opportunity to serve in elected and non-elected leadership positions
  • Serve as Academy Delegate in the APhA House of Delegates and speak on the role of science and research in the pharmacy profession

Why should postgraduate members attend the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition?

  • The Postgraduate Initiative offers unique programming for postgraduate members during the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition. One such event includes the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Forum. This is also where the Postgraduate Best Paper Award is announced.
  • Detailed information on the postgraduate related sessions and events can be accessed on the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition website:

Past APhA-APRS Postgraduate Forums:

  • 2023: Navigating Your Job Search in the Digital Era
  • 2022: Non-traditional Career Pathways for Postgraduates
  • 2021: Building Inclusive Learning Environments & Promoting Graduate Student Well-Being
  • 2020: Increasing the Impact of Your Research
  • 2019: A Postgraduate’s Guide for Interviewing
  • 2018: How to Write a Stellar Biosketch for a Grant Proposal
  • 2017: Incorporating Learners into Research
  • 2016: The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Turning Ideas into Reality
  • 2015: Landing Your Dream Job: Advice on the Job Search, Interview and Negotiation Process
  • 2014: Building Better Bridges: Strategies for Successful Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research
  • 2013: Is that your final question? Selecting and refining great research questions
  • 2012: Writing and publishing insights from the clinician, researcher, and editor perspectives
  • 2011: Show me the funding: Help for new investigators
  • 2010: Beyond graduation: Discovering your career possibilities


  • For questions related to the Postgraduate Initiative, elected and non-elected member volunteer opportunities within the Academy and the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee, please contact APhA-APRS Postgraduate Officer Tyler Wagner ( )

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