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Meet APhA Executive Resident Mariecus Jarvis-Mays
Tom English

Meet APhA Executive Resident Mariecus Jarvis-Mays


My name is Mariecus Jarvis-Mays, PharmD, MEd, and I am excited to continue my pharmacy journey at APhA. I am originally from Minneapolis, MN, but came out to Washington, DC, to attend Howard University College of Pharmacy. While at Howard, I became involved with many student organizations, including APhA–ASP. I decided I wanted to know more about the association, so I applied for an APPE rotation at APhA headquarters in my final year. I felt my background as a teacher would complement the APhA Education Department, so it was a no-brainer to pursue education for my executive residency experience. I learned a lot during my APPE, and I am excited to continue expanding my skills. 

When not working on pharmacy-related matters, I attempt art and like watching movies.  

Five questions for Mariecus

1. Which Disney character is most like you? I am most like Elsa from Frozen. I like to plan and feel I am in control. Being from Minnesota doesn’t hurt either. 
2. What two items would you have on a deserted island? I would bring a book detailing what plants are edible and what plants are poisonous, and an axe.
3. Which season is your favorite? Spring is my favorite season because everything is springing back to life, and I feel energized.  
4. What is your favorite meal? My husband’s shrimp linguini Alfredo.
5. What have you enjoyed most as an Education resident? I have enjoyed working with subject matter experts and reviewing educational materials in my time at APhA.

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