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Leading the way with APhA
Michelle Cathers
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Leading the way with APhA

Esther Boadi, PharmD, is the 2022–2023 APhA Foundation Executive Fellow in Washington, DC.

Oh, the places you’ll go! While I was completing my medication safety APPE rotation in September 2021, little did I know that a discussion on the role of pharmacists during the pandemic would change the trajectory of my career.

I started my last year at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy with the intention of becoming a community pharmacist. I had completed a community pharmacy internship as an undergraduate, worked as a pharmacy technician prior to pharmacy school, and served as an intern during pharmacy school. As a result, I was aware of the significant challenges and impact of the job.

During my medication safety APPE rotation, I asked a pharmacy leader if she thought pharmacists had received the acknowledgment they deserved for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. She replied, “No, but it is up to us pharmacists and future pharmacists to advocate for our profession and be the change we want to see.” That conversation revitalized me and encouraged me to explore pharmacy roles other than community and hospital.

Less than a week later, I received an email with the APhA Executive Postgraduate Training Program application. I saw this as a sign—and an opportunity that I had to seize.

Inspired to pursue excellence

I was elated to be selected as the 2022–2023 APhA Foundation Executive Fellow. In this role, I’ve helped implement the three core programs that APhA Foundation hosts each year: the Student Scholarship Program, the Pinnacle Awards, and the Incentive Grants Program and its Learning Extension. Managing these programs enabled me to enhance my project management, time management, and, most importantly, people management skills. These skills will help me become the pharmacy leader that I aspire to be.

This year was special because the Foundation resumed in-person programming for its fall events. Witnessing our team’s hard work and dedication at those events and hearing the positive feedback from attendees was an enriching and fruitful experience.

I also had the pleasure of serving on the Women in Pharmacy Committee, which was relaunched the year before my term. I met many wonderful and talented women pharmacists from every walk of life and all over the United States. These women are trailblazers and visionaries. The connections I made during my APhA journey, and the mentors I gained, have inspired me to continue to pursue excellence and seek more ways to advance our profession.

Opportunity of a lifetime

As I reflect on this fellowship year, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made as a pharmacy professional. I’ve grown immensely by gaining confidence and, most importantly, by refining my leadership skills. As I transition out of the fellowship, I am eternally grateful to APhA for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Are you a 2024 PharmD candidate interested in the APhA Executive Postgraduate Training Program? Check out for more information and keep an eye out on APhA social media channels for application process announcements in the fall!

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