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Meet APhA Foundation Executive Fellow Esther Boadi
Tom English

Meet APhA Foundation Executive Fellow Esther Boadi


Greetings! My name is Esther Boadi, PharmD, and I am  from Nashville, TN. I am beyond excited to serve as the 2022–2023 APhA Foundation Executive Fellow in Association Management and Leadership. I graduated from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy, and while there I was involved with APhA–ASP and a few other pharmacy-related organizations. In 2018, I established  the William Y. Boadi Education Foundation with a mission to encourage and enhance academic excellence by providing supplemental resources for children and youth. 

So far at APhA headquarters, I have interacted with many pharmacists who have instilled in me what it means to be an impactful pharmacy leader in various settings, both traditional and non-traditional. I have learned so much about myself throughout this journey and know I will be better prepared for my pharmacy career because of it.

Five questions for Esther

1. Which Disney character is most like you? Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog because she believed in success through hard work, which aligns with my ideals.
2. What two items would you have on a deserted island? I would want to have a flashlight and a box of matches.
3. Which season is your favorite? My favorite season is fall because I love layering my clothes and seeing the foliage change colors outside.
4. What is your favorite meal? On any given day, I can eat a burger and French fries.
5. What have you enjoyed most as the APhA Foundation Fellow? What I have enjoyed most is the ability to connect and network with numerous stakeholders. As a New Practitioner, I believe it is very important to build strong relationships with seasoned practitioners in the profession and seek their counsel and expertise. In addition, I have really enjoyed seeing the programs I help lead and implement come together right before my eyes. 

For more information on the APhA Executive Postgraduate Training Program and how to apply for the 2023–2024 cohort, go to

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