Health Literacy and Numeracy Screening Tools12, 13

The following tools are available to assist in assessing patients’ health literacy.

Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine (REALM)14

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Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine (Short) (REALM-R)15

8-item list of common medical terms for patient to read aloud; used to assess literacy and estimate reading level

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Newest Vital Sign (NVS)16

6-item general questions based on a nutrition label; used to assess comprehension and numeracy

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Single Item Screener (SILS)17

1-item self-assessment question on ability to understand information from health care providers; used to identify inadequate health literacy

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Subjective Numeracy Scale (SNS)18

8-item self-assessment scale; used to assess general numeracy skills (fractions, percentages, etc.)

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Shortened Subjective Numeracy Scale (SNS-3)19

3-item self-assessment regarding mathematical ability and preferences; used to assess general numeracy

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