Tobacco Cessation Services

Promising Practices for Pharmacist Engagement in Tobacco Cessation Interventions
This resource identifies promising practices around the country that effectively engage pharmacists in providing tobacco cessation services. Using these practices as examples, you can learn effective strategies that have been used to expand pharmacist-provided tobacco cessation services. With this resource, APhA is also highlighting to state health departments and policy makers that, with empowering laws and sustainable payment models, pharmacists can provide tobacco cessation services. Access the resource.
Tobacco Cessation as a Public Health Priority

APhA enthusiastically supports prioritizing tobacco cessation as a health goal for Americans.

  • Tobacco cessation, including prominent goals to reduce the number of tobacco users, is a public health priority; evidenced by:
  • Pharmacists in every state stand at the ready to recommend over-the-counter tobacco cessation products and refer individuals to quitlines and local prescribers for additional support.
    • 18 states have made or are considering changes to pharmacists’ authority to empower them to prescribe nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) or other FDA-approved medications.
    • In July 2019, the Surgeons General of the U.S., Army, Navy, and Air Force released a statement on how tobacco product use threatens military readiness
The Great American Smokeout

Take advantage of the American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout on the third Thursday in November. Inform and educate your patients about smoking cessation services and encourage them to discuss their plans to get help quitting smoking. Download and print posters, flyers, and table signs to post in your pharmacy and share with patients.

APhA Can Help You Help Patients Quit Smoking