Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy focuses on high cost, high touch medication therapy for patients with complex disease states. Medications in specialty pharmacy range from oral to cutting edge injectable and biologic products. The disease states treated range from cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to rare genetic conditions.  

A specialty pharmacist may work in a variety of practice settings. Some pharmacists in this practice area work in pharmacies dedicated to only products that are considered specialty medications. In this setting, pharmacists may work in a variety of areas including dispensing, medication therapy management, patient advocacy and therapy compliance. Some pharmacists work in institutional or health system settings and may be involved with the patients therapy from in-patient to ambulatory care sites. Other pharmacists work in more traditional retail settings and either focus on certain specialty disease states at their practice sites or work with an affiliated specialty pharmacy provider to dispense these complex medications.  

Specialty Practice Areas

Medication Therapy Management - Medication therapy management, also referred to as MTM, is a term used to describe a broad range of health care services provided by pharmacists.

Immunization - As the most accessible health care professionals, pharmacists are positioned to make a difference in public health through immunization.

Community Pharmacists and Oncology

Hiding in Plain Sight: Gastrointestinal Toxicities

Hiding in Plain Sight: Respiratory Toxicities

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors & Dermatologic Toxicities: Key Points for the Community Pharmacist

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors & Gastrointestinal Toxicities: Key Points for the Community Pharmacist

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors & Respiratory Toxicities: Key Points for the Community Pharmacist

Resources for specialty pharmacists

Overview of Biologics and Biosimilar Products


PharmacyLibrary features content from APhA's authoritative books, an interactive NAPLEX® review, case studies, article abstracts from JAPhA, and a variety of news sources. Topic areas include communication skills, compounding, public health, medication errors, and over the counter medications. Robust case study libraries and active learning exercises are also available for your education and practice needs.  

Board of Pharmacy Specialties

With specialty-trained pharmacists as part of the collaborative care team, enhanced patient satisfaction has been documented with fewer complications in drug treatment; improved laboratory monitoring; reductions in unnecessary medications; and shorter hospital stays resulting in lower treatment costs.  BPS currently provides board certification in Ambulatory Care, Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutrition Support, Oncology, Pharmacotherapy and Psychiatric Pharmacy.  Certification exams for Critical Care and Pediatric Pharmacy are in development.

Specialty Pharmacy CPE

Biologic Pharmacovigilance: Key Considerations for Pharmacists - Home Study
In this archived webinar, the presenter will discuss the importance of pharmacovigilance as it relates to biologics and biosimilars, identify common risks associated with biologics and biosimilars and how to monitor for them.
ACPE# 0202-0000-15-129-H01-P
0.1 Credits 

Hepatitis C Therapy: Looking Toward Interferon-Sparing Regimens
This activity will provide information on the role of pharmacists in Hepatitis C Therapy.
ACPE# 0202-0000-15-116-H01-P
0.2 Credits