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Type 2 diabetes may accelerate brain function decline

A new study in eLife indicates that the brain in older adults with type 2 diabetes appears to age roughly 26% faster than normal. Researchers used brain scans, brain functioning tests, and other data from 20,314 people who were 50–80 years old to compare neurological differences in those who did and did not have type 2 diabetes.

Researchers identified declines in executive functions in both groups that included working memory, learning, and flexible thinking in addition to declines in brain processing speed. However, the declines were more pronounced and occurred more rapidly in people with diabetes. For instance, executive function declined 13% more among those with diabetes, and brain processing speed decreased 6.7% more compared with those who did not have diabetes.

The researchers noted that “few patients with [type 2 diabetes] undergo a comprehensive neurocognitive evaluation as part of their clinical care.”

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