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HHS releases new smoking cessation framework

HHS wants to accelerate smoking cessation and reduce smoking- and cessation-related disparities. The agency unveiled a new framework with six goals to help drive progress toward cessation and specifically focused on combusted tobacco products, like cigarettes, among people of all ages.

These goals will guide future HHS actions, building on the work that is already underway to achieve the framework vision.

The framework’s six goals are:

  • Reduce smoking- and cessation-related disparities.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge related to smoking and cessation.
  • Strengthen, expand, and sustain cessation services and supports.
  • Increase access to and coverage of comprehensive, evidence-based cessation treatment.
  • Advance, expand, and sustain surveillance and strengthen performance measurement and evaluation.
  • Promote ongoing and innovative research to support and accelerate smoking cessation.

To review the framework, please visit

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