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APhA, NASPA release more findings from pharmacy workplace and well-being report

The latest findings from the Pharmacy Workplace and Well-being Reporting (PWWR) initiative, which was launched by APhA and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) last fall, are now available.

According to Ilisa BG Bernstein, PharmD, JD, FAPhA, APhA’s interim executive vice president and CEO, the most recent submissions reflect a continued theme of threatening or abusive behaviors leveled against pharmacy staff by customers and coworkers.

PWWR fielded 173 anonymous reports on pharmacy workplace experiences during the reporting cycle covering mid-January 2022 through mid-August 2022.

NASPA’s executive vice president and CEO, Rebecca Snead, RPh, FAPhA, said the trend represents a call to action for the profession to address the problem.

The other major takeaway from the new analysis concerns the breakdown in communication between pharmacy staffers and upper management, which is leading to more workers feeling like their voice is not being heard.

The 2022 PWWR results were not all negative, however. Positive submissions highlighted improved work-life balance, changes in pharmacy operating hours, and workflow systems for enhanced efficiency and patient safety, to name a few.

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