Pharmacy News

Aspirin may be just as good as blood thinner injections for hospitalized fracture patients

Findings from a new clinical trial found that OTC aspirin can be just as effective as an injectable blood thinner, low-molecular-weight heparin to prevent life-threatening blood clots for patients hospitalized with fractures.

CDC examines top reasons adults didn’t get bivalent COVID-19 booster

A new CDC report finds that low vaccination uptake for the COVID-19 bivalent vaccine was due to lack of awareness about eligibility status as well as overconfidence in immunity against the virus.

CDC reports new drop in child vaccination rates

CDC said last week that disruptions in health care access during the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to declining rates of routine immunizations among young children. In a new report, the agency said that uptake of state-mandated vaccines dropped somewhat in 2021–22 for kindergarteners.

Pharmacists offer accessible treatment for patients with opioid use disorder, says study

Findings from a new study published in NEJM suggest that pharmacists can safely and effectively start patients with opioid use disorder on buprenorphine.

What’s the longer-term effect of treatment for critically ill patients with COVID-19?

Researchers of a new study published in JAMA found that among critically ill patients with COVID-19, there was a high likelihood of improved 180-day mortality among patients treated with IL-6 receptor antagonists and antiplatelet agents.