Pharmacy News

Does biosimilar competition lower costs for patients?

Biosimilars have typically been viewed as cost-saving medications, but according to results of a study published in JAMA Health Forum, biosimilar competition did not consistently lower out-of-pocket costs for outpatients who were commercially insured. In fact, in some cases, costs even increased.

D-Mannose appears ineffective for UTI prevention

Authors of a new study said that “d-Mannose should not be recommended to prevent future episodes of medically attended UTI in women with recurrent UTI in primary care.”

Hormonal contraception will be available without a prescription in New York pharmacies

The New York State Department of Health issued an order in late March to formally implement a new law establishing access to hormonal contraception from pharmacists without a physician’s order.

Study links heart failure risk to e-cigarette use

Data from an NIH-led study found that people who used e-cigarettes were 19% more likely to develop heart failure compared with people who never vaped.

Benzoyl peroxide acne products contain high levels of carcinogen, warns independent lab

High levels of the human carcinogen benzene can form in some acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide, according to a new report from the independent quality assurance laboratory Valisure. The company has launched a citizen petition urging FDA to take action on these products by encouraging an investigation and market withdrawal of the affected items.