Pharmacy News

Study shows widespread mislabeling of CBD OTC products

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine tested more than 100 topical cannabidiol (CBD) products available online and at stores, finding that the labels of many of these OTC products inaccurately listed their CBD content.

CDC: Higher overdose death rates among Blacks, Native Americans reflect treatment disparities

Fatal drug overdoses in the United States soared 30% in 2020, the most recent CDC statistics show, but the burden on minority populations has grown exponentially due to fewer treatment options.

Survey finds few parents intend to vaccinate their young children against COVID-19

Roughly one month after FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccines for very young children, it does not appear that large numbers of them will actually get vaccinated, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey of parents. Most parents said they considered the vaccine a greater risk to their children than COVID-19.

Gestational diabetes grows more common, pointing to need for more preventive care

A new CDC analysis reveals that gestational diabetes has become a big problem over the last 30 years, especially as Americans became more sedentary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Longer-term trends, such as the climbing age of women giving birth and the shifting ethnic demographics of mothers, have also contributed to the growing prevalence of gestational diabetes, which can cause problems during delivery and create ongoing health complications for babies.

Older adults at risk of drug interactions with Paxlovid

A new study suggests that some older adults may be taking medication that interacts with Pfizer’s nirmatrelvir/ritonavir (Paxlovid) COVID-19 antiviral. The drug has been approved for early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 to prevent severe disease.