Pharmacy News

CDC develops antibiotic policy for reducing STIs

In proposed guidance published in the Federal Register, CDC is advising clinicians to offer gay and bisexual men and transgender women more access to doxycycline, a widely used tetracycline antibiotic, as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

Study finds pharmacist intervention improved diabetes control for Hispanic patients

A new study published in JAMA Network Open found that an intervention involving patient assessments by trained pharmacists in conjunction with primary care physicians led to better glycemic control among Hispanic patients with T2D.

Adult obesity prevalence remains high, prevention and treatment needed

According to the most recent population data from CDC, 22 states have an adult obesity prevalence at or above 35%, up from 19 states in 2021. In contrast, no state had an adult obesity prevalence at or above 35% a decade ago.

CDC recommends RSV vaccine for pregnant individuals

A CDC advisory panel has recommended the use of Pfizer’s bivalent RSVpreF respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for pregnant people. The vaccine is designed to protect newborn babies from the respiratory disease.

Higher buprenorphine doses associated with improved retention in treatment for OUD

A new study in JAMA Network Open found that people with OUD who were prescribed a lower dose of buprenorphine were 20% more likely to discontinue treatment compared with those receiving a higher dose.