Pharmacy News

Pharmacists offer accessible treatment for patients with opioid use disorder, says study

Findings from a new study published in NEJM suggest that pharmacists can safely and effectively start patients with opioid use disorder on buprenorphine.

What’s the longer-term effect of treatment for critically ill patients with COVID-19?

Researchers of a new study published in JAMA found that among critically ill patients with COVID-19, there was a high likelihood of improved 180-day mortality among patients treated with IL-6 receptor antagonists and antiplatelet agents.

A second naloxone nasal spray gets FDA fast track for OTC clearance

A nasal spray version of naloxone (Rivive—Harm Reduction Therapeutics) is now on the FDA fast track for OTC clearance. According to the manufacturer, FDA is aiming for April 28, 2023, as an approval date after priority review. With cost and access in mind, Harm Reduction Therapeutics also noted that it would price the overdose antidote at about $18 per dose for sale to pharmacies, public-sector workers, and advocacy organizations. The nonprofit company will also donate one-tenth of its production, which is slated to reach 2 million doses annually.

Drug overdose deaths among teenagers surged during the COVID-19 pandemic

A new CDC report found that monthly drug overdose deaths nearly tripled among adolescents age 10 to 19 years during the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deaths increased from 31 to 87 per month from July 2019 to May 2021 before declining to 51 per month in December 2021.

Study confirms statins may lower risk of intracerebral hemorrhage

The efficacy of statins for prevention of ischemic stroke due to blood clot is well established, but a new study in Neurology appears to possibly settle the debate over whether the drugs lower the odds of a first stroke due to intracerebral hemorrhage.