Pharmacy News

CDC releases 2024 immunization schedules for all age groups

The official 2024 immunization schedules with new vaccine recommendations for children and adolescents and for adults are now available from CDC. The updated schedules are being published ahead of time.

FDA approves first OTC test for chlamydia and gonorrhea

FDA granted marketing approval to the first diagnostic test for chlamydia and gonorrhea with at-home sample collection.

CDC: Vaccine exemptions for kindergartners at highest level

Parents across the country are increasingly declining to vaccinate their children as they enter school, new CDC data reveal.

Pharmacists’ role in BP control saves significant U.S. health care dollars

A new economic analysis published in JAMA Network Open finds that with a pharmacist-led intervention, 15 million heart attacks could be prevented for Americans as well as over a trillion dollars in savings for the health care system over 30 years.

Pharmacies in Georgia gearing up to sell medical cannabis

Georgia is set to become the first state to allow independent pharmacies to sell medical cannabis. In early October, the Georgia Board of Pharmacy began accepting over 120 applications from pharmacies who agreed to provide cannabis from one of the state’s two licensed production companies.