Pharmacy News

FDA announces updates to warning for all prescription stimulants

To prevent misuse, abuse, and addiction of prescription stimulants, FDA is now requiring their boxed warning—the most prominent warning—to be updated. In addition, the agency is adding more to the prescribing information for all prescription stimulants.

CDC identifies first-ever drug-resistant ringworm in U.S.

CDC reported that two cases of drug-resistant ringworm infections involving the fungus Trichophyton indotineae were identified in New York City, the first such cases in the country.

DEA announces extension for telemedicine prescribing of certain drugs

DEA has said that for now it is extending emergency telehealth policies set during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling certain health care providers to have greater leeway in prescribing some controlled substances.

FDA approves RSV vaccine for older adults

FDA approved GSK’s respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine (Arexvy) for adults aged 60 years and older.

Need for more patient-provider dialogue as deprescribing medicine for older adults catches on

Findings from a University of Michigan national Poll on Healthy Aging suggest that older adults are supportive of the idea of deprescribing medications.