APhA-ASP Regional Officer Position Description

APhA-ASP elected regional officers are to remain in their first professional degree undergraduate program during their complete terms of responsibility. Elected officers occasionally are required to attend meetings and conferences during the school year. No monetary or material awards are provided to APhA-ASP elected officers.

Serving as an APhA-ASP elected officer is rewarding and satisfying, both professionally and personally. Elected officers who choose to serve their profession have the personal satisfaction of knowing that they have been elected by their colleagues to represent them in their national professional society. At times, serving as an elected officer may be a very demanding job, but the position is meant to complement, not compete with educational responsibilities. An elected officer's education always takes the higher priority.


Any member of APhA-ASP is eligible to seek nomination for an elected position at the local, regional and national level. This application is to be utilized to seek nomination for Regional Officers elected at the Midyear Regional Meetings. Available regional positions are as follows: