Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG Community


The mission of the APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Special Interest Group (SIG) is to support its members through APhA educational programming, communication, and legislative activities in order to uphold and promote nuclear pharmacy practice, to advance pharmaceutical care, and to recognize practice excellence.


The purpose of the APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG is to serve pharmacists involved in the specialty practice of nuclear pharmacy by providing its stakeholders an avenue in which to fulfill individual professional goals and support the goals of the Academy.

APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG Leaders

SIG Leaders

SIG Committee Leaders

  • Awards Committee Chair: Nicki Hilliard
  • Awards Committee Co-Chair: Duann Thistlethwaite
  • Awards Committee Education Chair: Eric Smith
  • Awards Committee New Practitioner Chair: Miranda Nave
  • Policy & Professional Affairs Chair: Rich Green
  • Policy & Professional Affairs Co-Chair: Karen Hoang
    Regulatory Affairs Committee Chair: Ashley Mishoe
  • Regulatory Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Danny Allen

APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG Committees

Awards Committee
Purpose: Actively engage and support nominations for APhA-wide and Nuclear awards. 

Education Committee
Purpose: To provide CPE activities to maintain and enhance nuclear pharmacy and molecular imaging competencies, and organize APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition programming via identification of session moderators and contributed paper reviewers.

New Practitioner Committee
Purpose: To engage students and new practitioners with the nuclear pharmacy specialty via newsletters and electronic media, and encourage awareness and involvement through nuclear rotation listings and board certification study groups. 

Policy & Professional Affairs Committee
Purpose: To develop position statements on matters that impact the practice of nuclear pharmacy, as appropriate, and develop guides that represent a uniformity of practice standards for nuclear pharmacy practice.

Regulatory Affairs Committee
Purpose: To create and promote a clear identity for our regulatory efforts within APhA, and help shape the regulatory environment and policy using the expertise of members. 

Call for Committee Leaders and Members

The call for committee leaders and members has ended. Please contact the Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your time.  

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