APhA-APRS Sections

APhA-APRS Basic Sciences Section

This Section serves academic and industrial scientists with wide-ranging basic science research programs. The research interests of section members span chemical structure/biological activity and chemical structure/physicochemical property relationships, concepts in pharmaceutical technology and drug delivery, and the basic physical chemistry upon which these are based.

APhA-APRS Clinical Sciences Section

This Section provides unique multi-disciplinary interaction between clinical scientists and practitioners committed to expanding knowledge of the safe and effective use of drug products. A particular interest of members is how the application of pharmaceutical sciences in organized health care settings and controlled research environments relates to evaluation and development of drugs and drug delivery systems.

APhA-APRS Economic, Social and Administrative Sciences Section (ESAS)

This Section is home to those interested in health services research, outcomes, policy and administration with application to pharmaceutical treatments and pharmaceutical care. Membership is multidisciplinary, including the fields of public health, epidemiology, economics, health services research, biostatistics, medical sociology, law, health care administration and management, operations research, pharmaceutical marketing, marketing research, technology assessment and applications, and public and private reimbursement programs. Membership affords the opportunity for interaction among scientists, educators and practitioners, government managers, and other health care system representatives.