APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science (APhA-APRS) Research Achievement Award

The award, offered annually, is intended to recognize and encourage outstanding, meritorious achievement in any of the pharmaceutical sciences. This award recognizes contributions in basic pharmaceutical, clinical, and economic, social, and administrative sciences. The APhA Research Achievement Award was first established in 1961 as six separate awards, each recognizing outstanding, meritorious achievement in six disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences. Since 1995, these awards have been consolidated into a single annual award.

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The nominee must have accomplished outstanding research and must have published reports in the scientific professional literature that can be used as criterion in judging an individual’s contributions within a given category. This award is not restricted to members of the APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (APhA-APRS), but the recipient must be an APhA member. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged for this award. Remington Honor Medalists are not eligible for the award. Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria (listed alphabetically; not in rank order):

  • Established “stream of research”
  • International recognition
  • Leadership and other recognitions
  • New concepts/innovative research in pharmaceutical science
  • Utilization/implementation of research by the profession, research community, and other disciplines

Nomination process
The nominees may represent any of the three Sections of APhA-APRS. In addition, any individual may nominate an eligible candidate. The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination. The deadline for nominations is September 10.

The nomination is to include the following items:

  • A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award
  • Three supporting letters from scientists who are qualified to judge the pharmaceutical significance of the nominee’s research record should be sent with the nominations. Letters are to address the nominee’s worthiness to receive the award and include: (a) the major research contributions of the nominee, and (b) at least two major examples of published research.
  • Sample article reprints of the nominee’s most outstanding work
  • A current full curriculum vitae

Selection process
The selection of the recipient is made by the APhA-APRS Awards Committee.

Nature of award
The award, presented at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, consists of an engraved plaque. The recipient also receives a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition registration and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA.

Past recipients
2022 Karen S. Hudmon
2021 Suresh Madhavan
2020 Philip S. Portoghese
2019 Jon C. Schommer
2018 Betsy Sleath (ESAS)
2017 Not Presented
2016 Myron (Mike) Jacobson (Basic)
2015 Sean D. Sullivan (ESAS)
2014 Marie Chisholm-Burns (Clinical)
2013 Stuart C. Porter (Basic)
2012 Carole L. Kimberlin (ESAS)
2011 Not presented
2010 Indra K. Reddy (Basic)
2009 JoLaine R. Draugalis (ESAS)
2008 Barry L. Carter (Clinical)
2007 Ronald J. Sawchuk (Basic)
2006 Stephen W. Schondelmeyer (ESAS)
2005 James Cloyd (Clinical)
2004 James C. Price (Basic)
2003 Duane M. Kirking (ESAS)
2002 Leslie Hendeles (Clinical)
2001 Ronald T. Borchardt (Basic)
2000 Dale B. Christensen (ESAS)
1999 Milap C. Nahata (Clinical)
1998 Not awarded (Basic)
1997 J. Lyle Bootman (ESAS)
1996 William E. Evans (Clinical)
1995 Richard A. Glennon (Basic)
1994 Garnet E. Peck, Dev S. Pathak (ESAS)
1993 James T. Stewart
1992 Ho-Leung Fung, Laurence H. Hurley
1991 Charles D. Hepler, Joseph R. Robinson
1990 John M. Cassady, Lee Timothy Grady
1989 Nicholas Bodor
1988 Bonnie L. Svarstad
1987 Klaus G. Florey, Kenner C. Rice
1986 Jean Paul Gagnon
1985 Sidney J. Stohs, Donald T. Witiak
1984 Lester Chafetz, David A. Knapp, John P. N. Rosazza, John G. Wagner
1982 Jack L. Beal, Leslie Z. Benet, John L. Neumeyer, Albert I. Wertheimer
1980 Kenneth A. Connors, Lester A. Mitscher, Philip S. Portoghese, Mickey C. Smith
1979 Leon Lachman, Wayne M. Levin
1978 Daniel Banes, Robert W. Hammel, Eugene C. Jorgensen
1977 Lewis S. Harris, Jens T. Carstensen
1976 Heinz G. Floss, Everett May
1975 Erminio Costa, John L. Lach, Ernest G. Wollish
1974 Norman R. Farnsworth, Karl Folkers
1973 Arnold Becket, Klaus Bienmann
1972 Henry Rapoport, Lewis S. Schanker
1970 William O. Foye, Edward R. Garrett, William I. Higuchi, Sidney Riegelman, Monroe Wall
1969 Albert Q. Butler, Gerhard Levy, Egil Ramstad, Corwin H. Ransch, David H. Tedeschi
1968 Morris E. Auerbach, Allan H. Conney, Sidney Riegelman, Joseph Sam,William I. Taylor
1967 Karl H. Beyer, Jr., Alfred Burger, John C. Craig, Alfred N. Martin, Frank H. Wiley
1966 John H. Biel, Joseph P. Buckley, William J. Mader, Eino Nelson, Varro E. Tyler Jr.
1965 S. Morris Kupchan, Lloyd C. Miller, Edward E. Smissman, Ewart A. Swinyard, Dale E. Wurster
1964 Takeru Higuchi, Tom S. Miya, Taito O. Soine, James M. Sprague, Joseph V. Swintosky
1963 Bernard R. Baker, Einar Brochmann Hanssen, Edward R. Garrett,Gordon H. Svoboda, Lawrence C. Weaver
1962 Joseph H. Burckhalter, John E. Christian, Ole Gisvold, Takeru Higuchi, E. Leong Way

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