APhA Academy of Pharmaceutical Research & Science (APhA-APRS) Postgraduate Best Paper Award

The award recognizes the author of the best contributed paper (podium or poster session) presented at each APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition by a postgraduate student who must be an APhA member. Each APhA-APRS Section is eligible to identify a recipient for the APhA Postgraduate Best Paper Award. APhA-APRS Economic, Social, and Administrative Services (ESAS) section may also award the APhA-APRS ESAS Postgraduate Best Paper Podium Award. In addition, up to two honorable mention recognitions may be presented per section. However, an award or honorable mention recognition need not be presented by each section each year.
The best paper will be selected on the basis of originality of the work, rigor of the experimental methods, clarity of the presentation of the results, appropriateness of the conclusions, potential significance of the study, and overall quality of the presentation. The postgraduate (masters’ or doctoral degree candidate, resident, fellow, postdoctoral scholar) must be the first author. The major portion of the paper being judged must have been done while the applicant was a postgraduate. However, the candidate may have completed his or her program of study at the time of presentation of the award.
Nomination process
APhA publishes a call for contributed paper abstract submissions. Investigators whose abstracts are eligible for consideration for an award will be notified during the abstract review process.
Selection process
A panel of three or more persons will be selected by each APhA-APRS Section to judge the submissions. At least one member of the panel shall be a section officer. At least one member shall have been on the section’s contributed papers abstract review committee. The judges may prescreen submitted abstracts but will make their final selection at the meeting after having heard or viewed the presentations. Each member of the selection committee will, therefore, be expected to attend the relevant sessions. Each Section may award up to two honorable mention recognitions, if deemed appropriate.
Nature of award
The award will be presented at the APhA Academy Awards Ceremony, if possible, or the Postgraduate Forum during the APhA Annual Meeting. Each recipient of the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Best Paper Award will receive a certificate and a $300 honorarium. The recipient of the APhA-APRS ESAS Postgraduate Best Paper Podium Award will receive a certificate and a $500 honorarium.
Past recipients:

Nicole Barratiere: (ESAS Poster), Coauthors: Kristina Dickson, David Strunk, Brianna Henson, Aric Schadler, Clark Kebodeaux Impact of Pharmacy Intern Utilization on Clinical Services
Taylor Watterson (ESAS Podium), Coauthors: Watterson T, Stone J, Chui M, Brown R, Schiefelbein A, Ramly E, Kleinschmidt P, Semanik M, Xiong K, Craddock L, Pitts S, Woodroof T Cancel Rx: Reducing Medication List Discrepancies in the Outpatient Setting

Alina Yanovich (Basic Sciences Poster), Co-Author Kimberly McKeirnan: Research Opportunities in Accredited PharmD Programs of the United States – Student Involvement
Hannah Duncan (Clinical Sciences Poster), Co-Author: Reagan Barfield, Joshua Francis, Andrew Mardis, Lauara Straw, Michael Scalese, Caitlin Mardis: Opportunities for and barriers to sacubitril/valsartan initiation in a chronic heart failure population
Andrew Wash (ESAS Poster): Co-author: Leticia Moczygemba, Lorinda Anderson, Tiffanie Pye: Oregon Pharmacists Intention to Independently Prescribe Under HB2397

Taylor Watterson (ESAS Podium): Testing a Pharmacist Occupational Fatigue Survey
Hyeun Ah Kang (ESAS Poster), Co-author: Jamie Bamer: Hydroxyurea Medication Adherence and Opioid use Among Texas Medicaid Enrollees with Sickle Cell Disease

Benita Bamgbade (ESAS Podium): The Impact of a Culturally Relevant Psychoeducational Intervention on Depression Health Care Seeking among African American College Students
Nam Hyo Kim (ESAS Poster), Co-author: Kevin Look: Utilization of antidiabetic drugs among childless adults experiencing Medicaid coverage expansion in Wisconsin

Patrick Campbell (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: Mok Oh, David Axon, and Molly Ekstrand
Joohyun Park (ESAS Poster): Coauthor: Kevin Look

Tatiana Makhinova (ESAS Podium)
Andrew Roberts (ESAS Podium)
Tristen Jackson (ESAS Poster)

Benita Bamgbade (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: Jamie Barner, Kentya Ford
Ranjani Varadarajan (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: Kenneth N. Barker, Salisa C. Westrick, and Kristen L. Helms

Eder Pincinato (Clinical): Coauthors: Patricia Moriel, Leisa Lopes-Aguiar. Ericka Costa, Guilherme Nogueira, Tathiane Lima, and Carmen Lima
Andrew Roberts (ESAS Podium) 
Haesuk Park (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: Karen Rascati, Kenneth Lawson, Jamie Barner, Kristin Richards, and Daniel Malone

Chien-Hsun Li (Clinical): Coauthor: Erika J. Ernst
Monita Karmakar (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: Sharrel Pinto, Timothy Jordan, Iman Mohammed, and Monica Holiday-Goodman
Marc L. Fleming (ESAS Podium)

Crescent Rowell (Clinical)
Olufunmilolak K. Odukoya (ESAS Poster): Coauthor: Michelle Chui
Zainab Shahpurwala (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: Alicia S. Bouldin, Benjamin F. Banahan, David J. McCaffrey, and Donna West-Strum

Arindam Basu Sarkar (Basic): Coauthors: Jonathon Speidel and Gopal Bhatt
Haesuk Park (ESAS Poster)
Jagaunath Mohan Muzumdar (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: Jon Schommer, Ronald Hadsall, Richard Cline, and Jisu Huh

Amy K. Kennedy (Clinical): Coauthors: Leticia Moczygemba, Jean-Venable “Kelly” R. Goode, and Gary Matzke
Pallavi Patwardhan (ESAS Podium): Coauthor: Betty Chewning
Addi Faerber (ESAS Poster): Coauthor: David Kreling

Johnny B. Roy (Clinical): Coauthors: Gregory Gilmet, Tom Marshall, David H. Mitcheson, and Jennifer B. Shannon
Honorable Mention: (Clinical): Sumana Alex: Coauthors: Sharon A. Bennett, Carlos E. Palant, Terrill G. Washington, and Almaz D. Zewde
Abhijit S. Gadkari (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: David A. Mott, Joshua A. Thorpe, and David H. Kreling
Robert Alfred Bechtol (ESAS Poster): Coauthor: Sharrel L. Pinto

Colleen Rock, (Basic): Coauthor: Phillip Moos
Julie Oestreich (Clinical): Coauthors: Suellen Ferraris, Wendell Akers
Tara Jenkins (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: Don Harrison, Elgene Jacobs, Barbara Neas, and Tracy Hagemann
Honorable Mention (ESAS Poster): Leticia Moczgemba, Jamie Barner, E. Gabrillo, Carolyn Brown, Paul Godley, Michael Johnsrud, and Ken Lawson
Honorable Mention (ESAS Poster): Jeanine Abrams, David Mott
Yiefi liu (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: William Doucette, Karen Farris

Colleen Rock (Basic): Coauthor: Phillip Moos
Antoun Houranieh (Clinical): Coauthor: Marizela Savic
Honorable Mention (Clinical): Coauthors: Chienning Hsu, L. Douglas Ried, Patrick M. Garman, and Michael A. Bengston
Amit Patel (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: John P. Bentley, David J. McCaffrey, Douglas Vorhies, Scott Vitell, and Luz Dalia Sanchez (ESAS Podium)

Mudit Kakar (Basic): Coauthors: J Davis, C. Lim
Honorable Mentions (Basic): Randy Voytilla, Ajay Taluja
Patrick Garmen (Clinical): Coauthors: C. Hsu, L.D. Ried
Mark Okafor (ESAS Poster): Coauthor: J. Thomas III
Honorable Mentions (ESAS Poster): Chia-Hung Chou, Bupendra Shah
Bijal Shah (ESAS Podium): Coauthors: G. Gupchup, M. Borrego, D. Raisch, N. House, A. Segal, M. Dodd, W. Apfeldorf, and S. Feldner

Randall J. Voytilla (Basic): Coauthor Jim Drenna
Jennifer Baker (Clinical): Coauthors: C. Heckman, A. Best, and E. McCance-Katz
Lisa M. Guirguis (ESAS): Coauthors: Mara Kieser, Betty Chewning

Nathaniel Rickles (ESAS): Coauthor: Bonnie Svarstad
Sharrel Pinto (Clinical): Coauthors: Richard Segal, Almut Winterstein, Laura Annis, Daniel Robinson, Dwayne Yates, Larry Pederson, and Mina Willis

Sarkar A. Basu (Basic): Coauthor: Gregory Kochak
Christopher Cook (Clinical): Coauthor: Matthew Peri
Carol Hermansen-Kobulnicky (ESAS): Coauthors: Joseph Wiederholt, Betty Chewning

Richard Cline (ESAS): Coauthors: David A. Mott
Avin Yaldo (Clinical)

Irene Contreras (Clinical): Coauthors: N. Beckey, D. Parra, L. Korman
Marcia Worley (ESAS): Coauthor: Jon C. Schommer


Julie M. Ganther (ESAS): Coauthors: David H. Kreling, Michael A. Bengston

Amit Patel (ESAS Poster): Coauthors: John P. Bentley, David J. McCaffrey, Douglas Vorhies, Scott Vitell, Luz Dalia Sanchez (ESAS Podium)

Ke Tom Xu (ESAS): Coauthor: Scott R. Smith

Attila Juhasz (Basic)
Robert D. Christian (ESAS): Coauthor: Duane M. Kirking

Scott R. Smith (ESAS); Coauthor: Duane M. Kirking

Hei-Jen McLaury (Basic). Coauthors: L. V. Allen, A. Chaturvedi, D. Canfield, and K. Le Gina
R. Westfall (Clinical). Coauthor: W. A. Narducci
Julie M. Ganther (ESAS). Coauthor: D. H. Kreling


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