APhA-APRS Ebert Prize

2024 APhA-APRS Ebert Prize

Dr. Sarah Megren Alrubia

Dr. Sarah Megren Alrubia

Dr. Sarah Alrubia is an assistant professor in King Saud University College of Pharmacy. She has worked and collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, Takeda, and Elie Lilly. Sarah’s research focuses on the proteomic profile of the intestine of Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) patients and its impact on oral drugs pharmacokinetics utilizing PBPK modelling approach. Sarah has a PhD from the University of Manchester, studying the impact of Crohn’s Disease on the disposition of oral drugs in the intestine. She obtained an MSc degree in Pharmaceutical Analysis from the University of Strathclyde, where her research was part of the OrBiTo project investigating the solubility profile of oral drugs.


The Ebert Prize, established in 1873, is the oldest pharmacy award in existence in the United States. The award is for the best essay or written communication containing original investigation of a medicinal substance in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Awardees do not need to be members of APhA for consideration. The paper selected for the award must have been published during the calendar year preceding the selection. In the case of papers authored by two or more persons, it must be determined which author conceived, directed, and coordinated the research. Should two or more authors have essentially equal contributions, it is necessary to determine the person who initiated the idea, and the person who pursued it more vigorously.

Nomination/Selection process

Since 1987, the award recipient(s) has/have been selected by the APhA-APRS Awards Committee. Steps in the selection process are: In mid-October, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences selects five or six articles from the previous October through September issues of the journal and forwards them to the Editorial Advisory Board, which selects the best two or three articles. The articles are rated by the Editorial Advisory Board and are then sent to the APhA-APRS Awards Committee for selection of the eventual recipients of the best article.

Nature of award

The award consists of a silver medal and an engraved plaque for the primary author of the selected article, plus a plaque for each of the associate authors or “honored co-authors,” if any. The primary author will receive a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition registration and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA.

Past Recipients

(for the past 25 years only):

2022 Yuma Yamada, Reina Munechika, Satrialdi, Fumika Kubota, Yusuke Sato, Yu Sakurai, Hideyoshi Harashima

2021 Pinunta Nittayacharn, Hai-Xia Yuan, Christopher Hernandez, Peter Bielecki, Haoyan Zhou, Agata A. Exne

2020 Shingo Ito, Yu Fujino, Seiryo Ogata, Mio Hirayama-Kurogi, Sumio Ohtsuki

2019 Christopher Calderon, Austin L .Daniels and Theodore W. Randolph

2018 M. Jack Borrok, Neil Mody, Xiaojun Lu, Megan L. Kuhn, Herren Wu, William F. Dall'Acqua, Ping Tsui

2017 Magnus Olander, Jacek R. Wisniewski, Par Matsson, Patrik Lundquist, and Per Artursson

2016 Christoph Thiel, Ute hofmann, Sebastian Zellmer, Rold Gebhardt, Ahmed Ghallab, Jan Hengstler, Sebastian Schneckener, Markus Krauss, Tobias Kanacher, Lars Kupfer

2015 Vivian Bi, Vibha Jawa, Marisa K. Joubert, Arunan Kaliyaperumal, Catherine Eakin, Karen Richmond, Oscar Pan, Jilin Sun, Martha Hokom, Theresa J. Goletz, Jette Wypych, Lei Zhou, Bruce A. Kerwin, Linda O. Narhi, and Taruna Arora

2014 Sandeep Kumar, Mark A. Mitchell, Bonita Rup and Satish K. Singh

2013 Leslie Z. Benet and Maribel Reyes

2012 Jared Baird, Bernard Van Eerdenbrugh, and Lynne S. Taylor

2011 Amit S. Kalgutkar, Kosea S. Frederick, Jonathan Chupka, Bo Feng, Sarah Kempshall, Rochelle J. Mireles, Katherine S. Fenrier, and Matthew D. Troutman

2010 Raj Badhan, Jeffrey Penny, Aleksandra Galetin, and J. Brian Houston

2009 Lloyd G. Tillman, Richard S. Geary, and Gregory E. Hardee

2008 Miki Katoh, Toshiro Sawada, Yoshinori Soeno, Miki Nakajima, Chise Tateno, Katsutoshi Yoshizato, and Tsuyoshi Yokoi

2007 Renuka Thirumangalathu, Sampathkumar Krishnan, David Brems, Theodore Randolph, and John Carpenter

2006 Agam R. Sheth, Deliang Zhou, Francis X. Muller, David J.W Grant

2005 Nair Rodriguez-Hornedo and Denette K. Murphy

2004 Christopher J. Roberts with Richard T. Darrington and Maureen B. Whitley

2003 Patrick Poulin and Frank-Peter Theil

2002 Michael H. Abraham, Yuan H. Zhao, Joelle Le, Anne Hersey, Peter J. Eddershae, Chris N. Luscombe, Darko Boutina, Gordon Beck, Brad Sherbone, Ian Cooper and James A. Platts

2001 George Zografi and Ziang Zhang

2000 Susan K. Lum and Wendy C. Duncan-Hewitt

1999 Richard P. Batycky, David A. Edwards, Justin Hanes, and Robert Langer

1998 Robert G. Strickley and Bradley D. Anderson

1997 Per Artursson, Kristina Luthman, Katrin Palm, Gert Strandlund, and Anna-Lena Ungell

1996 Samir Mitragotri, Daniel Blankschtein, David A. Edwards, and Robert Langer

1995 David A. Edwards and Robert Langer

1994 Marcel H. Bickel and Josy Clausen

1993 Štefan Baláz, Michael Wiese, and Joachim K. Seydel

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