Remington Honor Medal

2024 Remington Honor Medal recipient

Milap C. Nahata, PharmD, MS, FAPhA, FASHP, FCCP, FPPA

Photo of Milap C. Nahata, PharmD, MS, FAPhA, FASHP, FCCP, FPPA

Nahata is the Founding Director of the Institute of Therapeutic Innovations and Outcomes, and Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine at The Ohio State University (OSU) colleges of pharmacy and medicine. He was Division Chair, Pharmacy Practice and Science, and Associate Director, Pharmacy at the OSU Medical Center for 15 years when the Division became widely recognized for its innovative pharmacy practices and residencies in ambulatory and community pharmacy, vibrant education and research programs, and strong partnerships with other health sciences, practice settings and the community. 

Nahata has published over 650 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Notably, his studies with azithromycin were pivotal in its approval by the Food and Drug Administration for use in children. He is an author and co-editor of five books, including Pediatric Drug Formulations, one of the most widely used resources in health-system practice, and Pediatric Pharmacotherapy and Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment. He also contributed to two reports of the Institute of Medicine: Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains and Safe and Effective Medicines for Children. He has presented over 400 invited lectures in the US and abroad. He is the editor-in-chief of the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

He has received many honors for his research and practice, including the APhA and AAPS Research Achievement Awards, ASHP Foundation Literature Award for Sustained Contributions, the ASHP Best Practices Award, and the ACCP Russell Miller Award for Sustained and Outstanding Contributions. He is also a recipient of the AACP Lifetime Achievement Award, the ACCP Paul Parker Medal, the ASHP Harvey AK Whitney Lecture Award, Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) Sumner Yaffe Lifetime Achievement and Richard Helms Excellence in Pediatric Pharmacy Practice awards, the APhA Gloria Francke Leadership Mentor Award, the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) James Beal Award, and the OSHP Walter Frazier Award. He is a Fellow of APhA, ASHP, ACCP, PPA, and several other organizations. 

In addition to his research and clinical practice, Nahata has received the AACP Robert Chalmers Distinguished Educator Award, the ACCP Education Award, the OSU Distinguished Teaching Award, and eight Teacher of the Year awards at OSU College of Pharmacy. He also has a long record of service in pharmacy associations. He is a past president of AACP and ACCP, and has served on the committees of APhA, ASHP, PPA, FDA, NIH, and FIP. He is among a select group of elected pharmacist members in the National Academy of Medicine.


The Remington Honor Medal, named for eminent community pharmacist, manufacturer, and educator Joseph P. Remington (1847-1918), was established in 1918 to recognize distinguished service on behalf of American pharmacy during the preceding year, culminating in the past year, or during a long period of outstanding activity or fruitful achievement.

Nomination criteria

Any APhA member may nominate a person for the Remington Honor Medal. The nominee for the award does not need to be an APhA member. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nomination process

The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination.

The nomination is to include the following items:

A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award

Letters of recommendation are optional; two letters are preferred with a maximum of six letters accepted

A current curriculum vitae or detailed résumé

Selection process

Upon receipt of a nomination, staff reviews it for completeness and conformity with guidelines. Incomplete nominations will be returned immediately to the nominator. If acceptable, APhA staff forwards the nomination to the Remington Honor Medal Screening Committee. The screening Committee will review the nomination materials received for all candidates to prepare a preliminary list of candidates to be evaluated by the Remington Honor Medal Selection Committee. The selection committee evaluates the materials and determines the final two candidates for the Medal. A mail ballot containing the names and supporting materials of the final two candidates is then forwarded to the APhA Former presidents, whose vote determines the eventual recipient.

Nature of award

The award, presented at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, consists of the gold Remington Honor Medal, a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition registration, and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA. A reception and an elegant dinner for the Remington Medalist are held during the annual meeting, at which time the recipient delivers a speech.

Past Recipients

2023 Henri R. Manasse Jr.

2022 Peter Vlasses

2021 Marialice Bennett

2020 Colonel (Ret.) John D. Grabenstein

2019 Lucinda L. Maine

2018 Harold Godwin

2017 Daniel Hussar

2016 Leslie Z. Benet

2015 Calvin H. Knowlton

2014 Marilyn K. Speedie

2013 Dennis K. Helling

2012 William E. Evans

2011 Paul W. Lofholm

2010 Mary Anne Koda-Kimble

2009 John A. Gans

2008 J. Lyle Bootman

2007 Ernest Mario

2006 Robert D. Gibson

2005 Robert J. Osterhaus

2004 Lowell J. Anderson

2003 Mary Louise Andersen

2002 Richard P. Penna

2001 Jerome A. Halperin

2000 Daniel A. Nona

1999 Carl F. Emswiller, Jr.

1998 Kenneth N. Barker

1997 Linda M. Strand

1997 C. Douglas Hepler

1996 Maurice Q. Bectel

1995 Max W. Eggleston

1994 James T. Doluisio

1993 Robert C. Johnson

1992 Jere E. Goyan

1991 George B. Griffenhagen

1990 Joseph A. Oddis

1989 Lawrence C. Weaver

1988 Peter P. Lamy

1987 Gloria N. Francke

1986 Irving Rubin

1985 William L. Blockstein

1984 William M. Heller

1983 Takeru Higuchi

1980 Joseph D. Williams

1978 Eugene V. White

1977 David J. Krigstein

1976 Melvin W. Green

1975 Albert Doerr

1974 Lloyd M. Parks

1970 Donald E. Francke

1969 George F. Archambault

1967 William S. Apple

1965 K. K. Chen

1964 Robert A. Hardt

1963 Glenn. L. Jenkins

1962 Harry J. Anslinger

1960 Ivor Griffith

1959 Justin L. Powers

1958 Eli Lilly

1957 W. Paul Briggs

1956 Frank W. Moudry

1955 Roy Bird Cook

1953 Hugh C. Muldoon

1952 Patrick Henry Costello

1951 Hugo H. Schaefer

1950 Edwin Leigh Newcomb

1949 Ernest Little

1948 Andrew Grover DuMez

1947 Rufus Ashley Lyman

1945 Joseph Rosin

1944 H. Evert Kendig

1943 Robert P. Fischelis

1942 Josiah K. Lilly

1941 George D. Beal

1940 Robert L. Swain

1938 Henry C. Christensen

1937 J. Leon Lascoff

1936 Edmund N. Gathercoal

1935 Samuel Louis Hilton

1934 Sir Henry S. Wellcome

1933 Evander F. Kelly

1932 Eugene G. Eberle

1931 Ernest Fullerton Cook

1930 Edward Kremers

1929 Wilbur Lincoln Scoville

1928 Charles H. LaWall

1926 Henry A. B. Dunning

1925 Henry Milton Whelpley

1924 George Mahlon Beringer

1923 Henry Hurd Rusby

1922 Henry Vincome Arny

1920 John Uri Lloyd

1919 James Hartley Beal

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