H.A.B. Dunning Award

H.A.B Dunning Award recipient: Merck



The purpose of the award is to recognize an exemplary contribution to APhA and the practice of pharmacy by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, provider of support products or service, or other entities such as wholesalers or chain corporations. The H.A.B. Dunning Award was established in 1982 to honor the former chair of the Board of Hynson, Westcott, and Dunning of Baltimore, MD, who as a longstanding APhA leader was instrumental in the funding and building of the APhA headquarters building in Washington, DC.

Evaluation Criteria

The nominee for the H.A.B. Dunning Award must have made a contribution or contributions to APhA and the practice of pharmacy in a calendar year preceding the presentation of the award. The contribution(s) shall fall in one or more of the following areas:

  • Professional and consumer communications
  • Pharmacy practice support
  • Pharmacy education support
  • Sales policy to pharmacists
  • Marketing policies and philosophy
  • New drug research and development
  • Community service involving pharmacists
  • Innovative products and service

The selection criteria will be weighted so that contributions to APhA would be 40% and to contributions to the profession would be 60%. The recipient should have had an impact on the profession nationally through their activities with APhA.

Nomination process

The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination.The nomination is to include the following items:

A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award

Letters of recommendation are optional; two letters are preferred with a maximum of six accepted letters

Selection process

The selection is made by the APhA Board of Trustees based upon careful review of complete nominations.

Nature of award

The award presented at the APhA Annual Meeting consists of a jade crystal etching on a walnut base bearing the likeness of H.A.B. Dunning.

Past recipients

2021 Walmart Inc.

2020 Merck

2019 Albertsons

2018 Community Pharmacy Foundation

2017 Pfizer Inc.

2016 Kroger Co.

2015 CVS Health

2014 Cardinal Health and the Cardinal Health Foundation

2013 The Walgreen Co.

2012 Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc.

2011 Cephalon, Inc.

2010 VaxServe, a Sanofi Pasteur Co.

2009 Procter & Gamble

2008 Merck & Co. Inc.

2007 Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt

2006 Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co. and McNeil Consumer Healthcare

2005 Purdue Pharma, L.P.

2004 GlaxoSmithKline

2003 Pfizer Inc.

2002 Aventis Pharmaceuticals

2001 McNeil Consumer Healthcare

2000 Syncor International Corp.

1999 Wyeth-Ayerst Global Pharmaceuticals

1998 The Knoll Pharmaceutical Co.

1997 Amgen Inc.

1996 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

1995 Ciba-Geigy Corp.

1993 Searle

1992 Glaxo, Inc.

1991 Merck Sharp & Dohme

1990 SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

1989 Eli Lilly & Co.

1988 Marion Laboratories, Inc.

1987 Parke Davis

1986 Hoechst Roussel Pharmaceuticals Inc.

1985 McNeil Pharmaceutical

1984 Lederle Laboratories


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