APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice & Management (APhA-APPM) Presentation Merit Awards

Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management Presentation Merit Awards
This award recognizes presenters (noncompensated by APhA) on practice-related subjects made at the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition poster sessions. Poster presentation submission categories eligible for this award include:

 APhA-APPM poster submission (one award per category)

  •  Contributed research
  •  Innovative practice report
  •  Research in Progress

 APhA-ASP poster submission (one award per category)

  • Contributed research
  • Innovative practice report
The award, established in 1998, is intended to give members an incentive to submit practice-focused papers to be presented during the APhA Annual Meeting.
Authors of practice-focused poster presentations during the APhA Annual Meeting are eligible for the award.
Nomination/selection process
Award recipients are selected at the APhA Annual Meeting by a panel of judges appointed by the APhA-APPM Awards Committee. The committee uses objective criteria to choose the award recipients.
Nature of award
The award presented to the primary author at the APhA Annual Meeting consists of a certificate and a rosette attached to the poster.
Past recipients:

Assessment of a Clinical Pharmacist-Driven Medication Appeal Process in a Dermatology Practice Chandler Combs, B. Kyle Hansen, Sarah Pearce, Jennifer Young, Kathy Bricker
Hepatitis A and B Vaccine Series Completion Rates in Patients with Chronic Liver disease at a Federally-Qualified Health Center Paige Edwards
Impact of a Pharmacist-Led Hypertension Protocol for Oral Chemotherapy in a Specialty Pharmacy Setting Gabriel Wang, Havan Truong, Richard Dang
Impact of Collaborative Practice Agreements and Community-Based Pharmacist Practitioner on Chronic Disease Outcomes in a Federally-Qualified Healthcare Center Andrew Straw, Grace Hong, Amy Fohner, Nicole Deitschmann

Analysis of Prior Authorization Success and Timeliness at a Community-based Specialty Care Pharmacy
Brady Hecht, Charlie Frye, Will Holland, Christy Holland, Laura Rhodes, Macary Marciniak

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Recommended Pharmacological Interventions based on Standard Clinical Endpoints in Cystic Fibrosis: A retrospective chart review
Rachel Wiechert, Kathleen Stenberg, Brittney Lager, Jordyn Loy

Effect of a Simulated Activity on Readiness, Ability to Use, and Confidence in Applying the PPCP to Contraceptive Prescribing
Autumn Stewart-Lynch, Sarah Lynch, Brooke Griffin, Kathleen Vest 

Identifying Barriers to Selling Nonprescription Syringes: A Survey of Pharmacy Technicians in North Carolina
Tina Hudgins, Amy Lenell, Maxwell Bible, Delesha Carpenter, Laura Rhodes, Macary Marciniak

Patient and Prescriber Perceptions of Community Pharmacists’ Role in Depression Screening
Cortney Mospan, Chris Gillette, Jenn Wilson

Physician Satisfaction with Clinical Pharmacy Services Using Collaborative Practice Agreement in Team Based Care
Hieu Nguyen, Michael Tran

Retrospective Evaluation of Preconception Care Intervention Opportunities in a Chain Community Pharmacy Setting
Eric Roath, Natalie DiPietro, David Bright 

Advancement of the pharmacy technician role: An evaluation of the impact of certified pharmacy technician administered immunizations in community pharmacies 
Jessica Child

Evaluation of a Compact Automated System for Filling Syringes in a Nuclear Pharmacy
Desirie Keith, Yu Suk Song, Melinda Lamberson, Brett Whittacre, Jared Johnson, GT Dolan, Miranda Nave and Wendy Galbraith

Hydroxyurea medication adherence and opioid use among Texas Medicaid enrollees with sickle cell disease
Hyeun Ah Kang and Jamie Barner

Impact of a Pharmacist-Provided Hypertension Coaching Program
Patricia Fabel, Cecily DiPiro, Kevin Lu, Gene Reeder

Introducing the Pharmacy Workforce to the National Diabetes Prevention Program
Robert Montierth and Rachel Blacher

SOARing to New Heights:  Campus-Based Interprofessional Student-Run Free Clinic Improves Lives 
Colleen Miller, Dana Webb and Daniel Krinsky

K. Hake, S. Cothrel, D. Nesmith, A. Blazewick, K. Rudzik, M. Somma McGivney, L. Berenbrok, J. Carroll, K. Coley, M. Kozminski, and B. Antinopoulos
B.  Nguyen, I. Liu, M. Jones, L. Rhodes, and M. Weck Marciniak
L. Berenbrok, H. Renner, M. Somma McGivney, and K. Coley
M. Smith, R. Stafford, B. Neumann, D. Clayton, L. Moore, and A. Earley
C. Gessler, D. Hall, R. Richardson, J. DeJames, J. Kovac, C. Moore, L. Berenbrok, and K. Coley
S. Cloutier, T. Kalista, and K. Capoccia
A. Moya, E. Unni, J. Montuoro, and D. Ogborn
S. Griffin, F. Wishart, K. Bricker, and A. Luebchow

C. Mospan and K. Alexander
D. J. Barnette, B. Dyer, and C. Hanks
K. C. Coley, H. M. Renner, S. Dombrowski, A. J. Greco, Y. S. Kauffman, M. Kozminski, R. S. Patel, N. Patel-Shori, B. Patterson, E. A. Wright, and M. S. McGivney
L. Mueller, A. Sevin, J. Li, and A. Clark
D. M. Candelario, J. Louie, and R. Durie
S. E. Rudolph, A. Branham, H. Hayes, D. Gaines, E. Dalton, J. Moose, and M. Marciniak
N. Ong, C. S. Rim, and L. W. Goldstone
D. L. Richart and M. L. Jennings

S. Kelling
M. Rager
H. Luder
C. Frail
K. Brugg
S. Brewster
S. Andrews
T. Tranel

T. Ulbrich, A. Adams, D. Bright, D. Sullivan, E. Schnur, J. Owen, and L. Bradley-Baker
X. Chen, K. Talley, and V. Grantham
B. Turner, A. Metzger, and J. Winkle
J. Sias, J. Castrellon, A. Lucero, J. Kelly, and K. Morton
K. Musselman and D. Kelly
C. Licktieg, W. Doucette, S. Veach, B. Carter, and B. Levy
C. Cross, D. Patel, S. Winkler, and M. Wagner
P. Baranowski, K. Peterson, J. Statz-Paynter, and J. Zorek

B. D. Dugan, K. Fisher, A. Hannings, R. Lander, J. Shelley, and T. Wolley
K. Weitzel, J. Taylor, K. Sando, L. Inge, and R. Hatton
D. Eagerton, K. Shealy, and C. E. Reeder
B. Jennings, M. Lowe, K. Veth, J. Javalera, and D. Moore
A. Sevin, M. Pruchnicki, T. Ulbrich, S. Adkins, and M. Maguire
J. Woods, T. Green, M. Bennett, and A. Lehman
A. Lista, K. Riley, and L. Bio

S. Chen and J. LaMori
M. Datar, E. Holmes, A. Adams, and S. Stolpe
E. Rathgeber and W. Galbraith
B. Mills, J. Titus, E. Cohen, and H. Kirkham
K. Trapskin, H. Young, and C. Decker
S. Ali and K. Spiteri
S. Essenpreis and N. Gattas
A. Eker, A. Pudlo, S. Ferreri, and M. Marciniak

L. DeMarzo, N. Skyer-Brandwene, and D. Feudo
A. Coe, S. Gatewood, L. Moczygemba, J. Goode, and J. Beckner
M. Hare, H. Truong, N. Brandt, and K. Fink
D. Bright, M. Rush, K. Kroustos, S. Terrell, S. Swanson, A. Stockert, K. Kier, B. Murphy, and N. DiPietro
W. Galbraith, J. Shadid, and M. Sullens
K. Thompson, L. Jonkman, S. Connor, and D. Scharf
L. Usinger, G. Gowan, T. Tabor, and J. Midturi
S. Grimes, A. Knauth, B. Crane, O. Marlar, and J. Ezell

J. Ponto
K. Sobczak, K. Casper, J. Rodis, T. Green, and K. Kelley
S. Gatewood, A. Alexander, R. Osborn, A. Kennedy, and L. Moczygemba
D. Ragland, D. Campbell, M. Boss, C. Stroud, and B. Green
M. Crowe, H. Lee, H. Michels, C. Black, and M. Chaffee
J. Dominguez and J. Barner
A. Jamison, C. Kimberlin, and A. Winterstein
S. Hickey, R. Kazmierczak, and F. Gattas

B. Banahan and E. Holmes
T. Shin, M. Pruchnicki, V. Tkacz, and K. Kelley
S. Conyne-Rapin and P. Heaton
J. Patel, R. Traver, and R. Mcleod
J. Sias and M. Perez
C. Wu, P. Monahan, L. Deckman, and C. Birnie
T. Ulbrich, M. Bennett, C. Green, and C. Clark
L. Gebauer, N. Lyons, M. Brands, and T. Sorensen

E. Ambizas, D. Ezzo, M. Sulli, and J. Conry
S. Murty and S. Sansglry
E. Hays, D. Hopkins, J. Banken, and N. Dajani
D. Gianarkis and D. Sunderam
N. Gattas, E. Rhinard, C. Taylor, and N. Thekkepat
C. Morello, S. Kobayashi, L. Luu, B. Mutrux, R. Singh, and B. Best
K. Myftari, S. Kshatriya, and K. Goliak

E. Becker and E. Neporadny
S. Sansgiry, P. Cady, W. Sharp, V. Culbertson, and S. Sansgiry
A. Woodland and A. Jundt
S. Boyd, L. Boyd, and K. Raker
M. Lavaee, J. Goad, and K. Johnson
M. J. Friedrich, D. Zgarrick, A. Masoud, J. L. Hendrickson, A. Provenzano, J. Diercks, A. Lam, P. Odengard, H. A.Kiyak, L. Tu, F. Gattas, and D. Smith

S. Beatty, B. Mehta, J. Rodis, K. Bellebaum, and M. Bennett
J. Ponto
S. Foster, E. Smith, and C. Smith
T. Elton and M. Ostroski
C. Clark, B. Mehta, J. Rodis, and M. Pruchnicki
H. Truong, C. Layson, M. deBittner, J. Owen, and S. Haupt
L. Koury, S. Nordbrock, and C. Bryner

R. Aparasu, R. Baer, and A. Aparasu
U. Abhyankar, G. Gupchup, M. Worley, L. Borrego, and D. Raisch
S. Stensland, T. Jackson, T. Todd, A. Lullo, J. Mazan, and A. Masood
K. Cheng, E. Zak-Lubera, K. M. Spicer, L. Gordon, and S. Christy
R. White and K. Morse

T. Stratton, R. Williams, and K. Meine
J. Hastings, D. West, and J. Kirtley
M. Christian
S. Westberg and T. Sorensen
P. Johnson, C. Bernett, and W. Unterwagner

K. Weitzel, J. Taylor, D. Robinson, B. Dugan, M. Showalter, and B. Van Riper
C. Boyle and R. Beardsley
K. Cheng, C. Muller, and K. Spicer
J. Hammond, W. Lubawy, K. Blumenschein, T. Freeman, M. Joyce, and M. Moné
S. Schrader, J. Goode, D. Stanley, and J. Beckner

A. D’Souza, B. Lively, W. Siganga, and M. Goodman
J. Ponto
C. Worrall and J. Barillo
K. Summers and T. Brock
J. Schreck and J. Cerulli

T. Brock, D. Williams, J. Donohue, A.Wessel
C. Foust, J. Sass, S. Biebighauser, J. Dolan
J. Spencer, M. Nemetz, R. Herrier
L. Cushenberry, S. Haines, M. Beatty, J. Burkhart, and H. Cylusgleiman
K. Cheng, M. LaPointe, R. Ferguson

C. Griffith
R. McDonough and A. Melton
H. A. Monsanto and M. Santiago
A. Koering, A. Shepley, and J. Currie

M. Peretta and K. Johnson
T. L. Warholak-Juarez and M. T. Rupp
J. A. Ponto
T. M. Quinton, M. O. Broshears, N. M. Spurling, J. E. Haney, and J. J. Wilson

J. K. Freeman-Newsom, T. P. Brock, and D. M. Williams
T. N. Takiya
A. C. Rogowski
M. Rodriguez de Bittner

R. R. Aparasu
S. Eggleston
E. Fisher
L. A. Letcher
S. Sansgiri

J. Nack, E. DeSimone, J. Russell, J. Randall, and M. Reed
Y. D’Antonio and A. Williamson
J. Coupal, M. Hackett, and W. Shih

A. M. Carlson and L. S. Morris
M. J. Asmus, G. Milavetz, and M. E. Teresi
P. L. Ranelli and R. T. Coward
D. V. Porter and J. C. Hung
E. W. Lingle, B. M. Motheral, M. L. Watrous, and V. Contractor

M. Kolassa and L. R. Basara
V. L. Culbertson, W. T. Sharp, P. S. Cady, R. G. Hefflinger, and A. A. Nelson
A. Huebel, P. A. Slavin, and R. L. McCarthy
S. J. Harwood, J. G. Camblin, S. Hakki, M. A. Morissey, D. L. Laven, and L. M. Zangara

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