Our Brand Strategy

As our profession evolves, so do we. APhA is proud to share our refreshed brand story and expression with you—our members and partners—and we are excited for you to share it with others. You will start to see our brand come to life in everything we do. Our new messaging and vibrant visual identity help explain who we are, what we do, why it matters. They give us a unified voice for the pharmacy profession and a recognizable platform for our members to identify with.

Our Logo

APhA's visual identity differentiates it from other brands and helps to build brand recognition for what we stand for. Our logo reflects the brand’s positioning as the all-encompassing organization for the entire pharmacy community and our commitment to patient care. Our history and legacy are acknowledged in an evolved and modern representation of the mortar and pestle. Fresh and bright colors bring our brand to life.

APhA Logo

Our Tagline

For Every Pharmacist, For All of Pharmacy

This message distills why we exist and who we serve. It celebrates our culture that welcomes and represents pharmacists from every practice setting and every stage of their careers, preparing them to provide the best patient care.

Our Mantra

Empowering Pharmacists. Elevating Pharmacy. Enhancing Patient-Centered Care.

This message expresses what APhA strives to achieve on a daily basis to make a positive impact in the world.

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Our Position, Purpose, and Promise

These are the foundational messages that describe who APhA represents, how we serve our members, and why our work matters.


The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is the only organization advancing the entire pharmacy profession—helping pharmacists find success and satisfaction in their work while advocating for changes that benefit them and their patients. Based in Washington, D.C., with an expert staff comprised of many experienced pharmacists, APhA delivers invaluable leadership and support to the largest membership community of pharmacists.

PURPOSE (What We Do)

At APhA, we prepare our members to thrive at every career stage and in every pharmacy setting with worldclass continuing education, transformative events, unique practice tools, and timely solutions to complex challenges. We work at the national level and in the states to promote the undeniable value pharmacists bring to health care teams and give them a voice in decisions that affect their future.

PROMISE (Why It Matters)

Pharmacists’ most powerful ally is APhA: We’re committed to helping them achieve their career goals, deliver outstanding patient care, receive due recognition, and work at an advanced scope of practice as essential health care partners. By serving as the hub of pharmacy-related knowledge and opportunities, we empower members to excel in their work, no matter where their professional paths and interests take them.