Post Graduate Opportunities

Postgraduate Training

Pharmacy residencies and fellowships provide valuable learning and training opportunities in various pharmacy practice settings, including community-based settings, health systems, managed care organizations, academia, pharmaceutical industry, and more. Residencies and fellowships have many similarities and differences that are outlined in the resource below.

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Pharmacy Residencies

Pharmacy residencies take place in a variety of settings, including hospitals, community pharmacies, clinics, associations, and academia. APhA partners with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) to accredit postgraduate year one (PGY-1) community-based pharmacy residency programs (CPRPs).

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APhA Executive Postgraduate Training Program

The APhA Executive Postgraduate Training Program offers seven residency positions and one fellowship position. The program is designed to challenge motivated individuals who have ambitions to contribute towards advancement of the pharmacy profession.

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Pharmacy Fellowships

Pharmacy Fellowships can take place in an academia or within a pharmaceutical company. The latter prepares you for a career in industry and gives you the experience of working in various different departments for the purpose gaining knowledge in drug research and development. Academic fellowship focus primarily on research in a specific area of study in an academic setting.

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Graduate Degree Programs for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate programs are available in many areas for the pharmacist looking to further their education and research within a specific discipline. Explore the many resources available to current and potential graduate students. Learn more about postgraduate training.

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