Stress and Resiliency Resources

It’s time to take care of yourself and APhA is with you every step of the way. From webinars and articles to self-assessments and networking opportunities, and more, our resources are available to help you live the most productive and healthy life possible. Explore these resources and check back for updates.

Bypass Pharmacy Burnout

This book is focused on individual personal development applicable for all pharmacy personnel, discussing how to optimize the use of various tools and skills to be a leader and mitigate burnout. Happiness and wellness are critical to the survival of the pharmacy profession—to enable us to advance through the challenges that face pharmacists everywhere—regardless of practice setting. Readers are offered alternative, specific, positive ways to develop and cultivate self-empowerment for well-being and leader development with narrative perspectives. Practical application of goal setting, how to develop a portfolio and personal brand, and how to seek support for the purposes of building resilience are topics covered.


  • Topics applicable to all pharmacy personnel
  • Acknowledgment of burnout and risks
  • Focus on professional engagement and empowerment
  • Features personal reflections pertinent to the topics
  • Contains discovery activities for personal reflections
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