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About the Legal Defense Fund

The APhA Pharmacy Advancement Legal Defense Fund (LDF) supports APhA’s advocacy efforts and amplifies our legal, legislative, and regulatory actions on behalf of pharmacy and the patients who rely on pharmacists’ care. As pharmacy continues to face legislative and legal battles at the state and federal level APhA established this fund to further our support and our influence behind these pressing issues. This fund is used for actions and activities that advance the profession and secure patient access to pharmacists provided services. The legal defense fund supports key advocacy initiatives such as securing provider status, payment for pharmacists’ services, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reform at the federal and state level, and the advancement of pharmacists’ practice authorities.

The barriers to advancing our profession and addressing harmful actions by corporate or government entities continue to be challenging. However, as a profession we are increasingly pursuing and winning legal challenges to policies and business practices that harm pharmacies and patients. The stakes are high for pharmacy and to continue our current momentum we need the support of every pharmacy advocate to make an impact.

APhA has a proven track record of actively leading advocacy efforts on pharmacist and pharmacy issues for years. Our top-notch government affairs team has significant experience working with and within federal and state regulatory agencies and legislative bodies. The legal defense fund provides an opportunity for individuals and corporations to provide financial support and fuel APhA’s advocacy efforts that drives change to advance pharmacy practice and defend our profession.

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Advance Pharmacy Practice. Defend our Profession.

APhA gives pharmacists a voice in decisions that affect their future. Our history as the foundational pharmacy organization and the voice for every pharmacist means we represent and protect pharmacists’ value to the health care team and their patients now and in the future. During the COVID-19 pandemic APhA, along with partnering organizations and the contributions of our members, has made great progress in these endeavors. We’ve proven that when pharmacy joins together, we can achieve what we once thought was impossible. Contributing to the APhA Pharmacy Advancement Legal Defense Fund enhances our opportunities to bring our advocacy priorities home and allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their license.

APhA’s current advocacy priorities include:

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Provider status:

Fighting for federal legislation adding pharmacists as eligible providers under Medicare Part B.

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Direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees:

APhA’s legal action against the federal government to address retroactive DIR fees (NCPA v Becerra) and securing federal legislation related provide transparency and accountability.

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PBM reform:

Addressing abusive PBM practices. Driving change through federal and state advocacy efforts.

Practice authorities:

Preserving the practice authorities secured during the emergency period of the pandemic and making them permanent.

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Drug importation:

Protecting the integrity of the nation’s drug supply by limiting the importation of unapproved medications from outside the country