Pharmacists' Patient Care State Fact Sheets

Become an advocate for provider status in your state. You can help both your state and federal legislators understand the incredible value of pharmacists’ patient care services—it’s as simple as telling them about what you do every day and its impact on the well-being of your patients and community. As the most accessible health professionals, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to form trusting relationships, provide crucial counseling and education, and ensure patients get care that meets their needs.

But there’s also plenty of evidence demonstrating that pharmacists’ care gets real results and leads to significant cost savings. Your potential to change lives while improving the bottom line is sure to resonate with budget-conscious lawmakers who want the best for their constituents.

We have tools to help you connect with and persuade your elected representatives. These state-specific fact sheets contain information that illustrates pharmacists’ tremendous therapeutic and economic value. Download and share your state’s fact sheet during your next visit with your state or federal elected leaders to help them realize what pharmacists can offer to individuals and the entire health care system.