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Published on Monday, June 28, 2021

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and save lives

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) today reiterates its confidence in the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and urges all who have not yet been vaccinated to act swiftly to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. With COVID-19 variants on the rise and long-haul suffering from the virus becoming increasingly common, the time for Americans ages 12 and older to get vaccinated is today.

APhA also strongly recommends that patients with concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines talk to their pharmacists—who are accessible, trusted health care providers—to find answers to their vaccine questions and help assess any risks and review their options.

Evidence overwhelmingly shows that COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective in protecting Americans from this deadly disease. The COVID-19 vaccines were rigorously evaluated for safety and effectiveness before they became publicly available and have been subject to ongoing surveillance and scrutiny thereafter. The top public health experts from across the globe have monitored patients’ post-vaccination and unanimously agree that adverse effects are extremely rare as a portion of the vaccines administered to date.

APhA and other leading health organizations want Americans to understand that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the quickest path to ending this pandemic and returning to our normal way of life. Dangerous COVID-19 variants are spreading rapidly, and COVID-19 disease can have long-lasting neurological and respiratory effects even after an individual no longer tests positive for the disease. Widespread vaccination is key to preventing even more devastation and loss of life.

A May APhA survey of pharmacists nationwide found that 88% of respondents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and that more than 9 in 10 (92%) said they plan to or have already been vaccinated. An overwhelming percentage of pharmacists (98%) also said they were comfortable addressing vaccine confidence and vaccine hesitancy concerns with their patients and other individuals.  Individuals are encouraged to discuss their concerns or questions with their pharmacist or other trusted member of the immunization neighborhood.

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