Managing Your Pharmacy During COVID-19


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Pharmacy Technician Roles Webinar

Hear perspectives from a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician about how they work together on expanding immunizations and COVID-19 testing.

PPE Resource and Chart

FAQ guide on the effective use of PPE to protect pharmacy personnel and patients and minimum requirements chart.

COVID-19 Basics Resource

Steps for pharmacy personnel to have the correct information about the disease and care delivery during this current crisis.

Staying Safe/PPE

APhA Know the Facts: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During the Pandemic (September 15)
FAQ guide on the effective use of PPE to protect pharmacy personnel and patients. Staying current with updated recommendations and guidance will help keep everyone safe and minimize the spread of the virus. (PDF - Minimum Requirements Chart)

APhA Know the Facts: Cleaning and Disinfecting (April 2)
Take appropriate measures to reduce the transmission of the virus in your pharmacy practice. Decontaminating surfaces in the pharmacy will be key to ongoing staff, personnel, and patient safety. (PDF)

APhA Know the Facts: Tips for Protecting Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff from COVID-19 (March 30)
Consider these tips for workflow improvements that can decrease the risk of exposure to infected patients. (PDF)

APhA Weekly Open Forum Webinar: Safety (March 26)
Focusing on the safety of pharmacists and pharmacy staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Video - Slides)


Community Pharmacy

APhA Weekly Open Forum Webinar: Pharmacy Technician Roles (November 19)
Hear perspectives from a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician about how they work together to meet the increased demands during this time, including expanding immunizations and COVID-19 testing.(Video - Slides)

APhA Know the Facts: COVID-19 Fraudulent Medical Products and Scams (October 28)
Examples of fraud and scams, red flags, and tips to protect pharmacists and patients. (PDF)

APhA Education During COVID-19: Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Patients and Their Providers (September 16)
CE is available. An expert in the field discusses the potential psychological impact on COVID-19 using the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and provide recommendations to meet the needs of your patients. (CPE)

APhA Quick Quiz: COVID-19 and Psychology (September 16)
CE is available. Take this Quick Quiz to understand the psychological impact of COVID-19 using the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and identify effective strategies to assist patients overcome the burden associated with COVID-19. (CPE)

APhA Weekly Open Forum Webinar: The Pharmacist Has COVID-19: Now What? (August 6)
Hear from a pharmacist who survived COVID-19 and get the latest updates on provider status for COVID-19. (Video - Slides)

APhA Education During COVID-19: Pharmacists on the Frontlines: A Pandemic Response to COVID-19 (June 17)
CE is available. Hear an expert community pharmacist discuss effective pandemic preparedness strategies for every community pharmacist. (CPE)

APhA Quick Quiz: COVID-19 (June 17)
CE is available. Learn the five key takeaway strategies for the many lessons learned from COVID-19 and to better prepare for the next pandemic. (CPE)

APhA Weekly Open Forum Webinar: Senior Care and CDC Guidance (June 4)
Hear a panel of pharmacists discuss innovative strategies for providing effective senior care in the outpatient and community settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get an update on new revisions to CDC’s Guidance for Pharmacies. (Video - Slides)

APhA Know the Facts: Managing Suspected Cases of COVID-19 in Ambulatory Care/Community Pharmacy Settings (March 30)
All pharmacies should have an action plan—and pharmacy personnel should be ready to implement that plan. (PDF)


Public Resource Links

In direct response to APhA’s comment letter on April 1 addressing the concerns that pharmacists and pharmacy personnel continue to serve without proper protection and social distancing from patients, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) issued a 1-page COVID-19 guidance for retail pharmacies that included pharmacy-specific tips to help reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus. (PDF)

Updated CDC Guidance for Pharmacies provides guidance for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in community pharmacies during the COVID-19 response.(Real-Time)

This CDC resource connects the steps taken to protect patients and health care workers from flu in the clinic setting to steps that can be taken to protect against COVID-19 infection. (Real-Time)


This CDC checklist has key steps for health care personnel in preparation for transport and arrival of patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19. (PDF)

Access printable CDC coronavirus resources to hang or distribute in pharmacy practice settings, like posters, fact sheets, and patient take-home materials. (Print Resources)

OSHA developed this COVID-19 planning guidance based on traditional infection prevention and industrial hygiene practices. (PDF)

If your patients are struggling to pay for insulin and diabetes medication, the American Diabetes Association has consolidated the resources they need to find help. (Real-Time)


Health-System Pharmacy

APhA Know the Facts: Operational Approaches for Health-System Pharmacy Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 8)
The experiences of pharmacy leadership in a multihospital health system in the Houston, TX, region inform these operational strategies for health systems for the planning and management efforts of COVID-19. (PDF)

APhA Weekly Open Forum Webinar: Front-Line Perspectives (May 7)
Two front-line practitioners share their perspectives on pharmacy practice during COVID-19 in both the community and health-system settings. Also watch the latest information on the clinical and regulatory fronts. (Video - Slides)

APhA Know the Facts: COVID-19: Providing Outpatient Pharmacy Services in a Field/Surge Hospital (April 24)
This checklist of considerations is compiled by the pharmacy team at UNC Health and may be helpful when determining whether to provide outpatient pharmacy services in a field/surge hospital. (PDF)

APhA Know the Facts: Optimizing Your Health-System Pharmacy Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic (April 2)
Pharmacy leaders from Mount Sinai Health System in New York, NY, and Med Center Health in Bowling Green, KY, offer advice on how they're tackling COVID-19 at their institutions. (PDF)


Practice Opportunities

APhA Know the Facts: COVID-19 Basics: What Pharmacy Personnel Need to Know During the COVID-19 Crisis (September 10)
Knowing the basics of COVID-19 symptoms and prevention, as well as indispensable information for practicing pharmacy and managing well-being, helps you as a health care worker on the front line. (PDF)

APhA Know the Facts: The NABP Passport: Facilitating Practice Across State Lines (September 10)
During the pandemic, many pharmacists want to serve patients in communities that cross state lines and licensing jurisdictions. In response to this need, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) created an NABP Passport. (PDF)

APhA Know the Facts: Engaging the Pharmacist Workforce (September 10)
Opportunities for pharmacists are available via in-person or virtual formats to assist local communities or neighboring states during this public health crisis. (PDF)


Advocacy on Managing Your Pharmacy


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