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Reports of inflammatory brain disorders in Europe lead to voluntary withdrawal

National Health Council educational program includes discussion of quality measures

Next meeting scheduled for June 20–21, 2018

Researchers from Emory University have detected "heteroresistance" to colistin in <i>Klebsiella pneumoniae</i>, a common "superbug" that is already highly resistant. Colistin is an antibiotic often administered to patients as a last resort against highly drug-resistant bacteria.

FDA reminded consumers Friday to be cautious with unapproved products claiming to prevent, treat, or cure influenza. "We understand the toll this year's flu season has taken on peoples' lives," noted FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

FDA issued a warning Thursday not to use drug products, including opioid products and other drugs intended for sterile injection, that were produced by Cantrell Drug Company of Little Rock, AR, and distributed nationwide.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday announced that the Justice Department is throwing its weight behind plaintiffs in an opioids lawsuit in Ohio.

Pharmacists are among health professionals encouraged to participate

Systematic review and meta-analysis published in Gastroenterology

Committee reverses prior recommendations, approval rests with CDC director