2024 APhA -APRS Awards

Takeru Higuchi Research Prize

  • James E. Polli, PhD

Ebert Prize

  • Sarah Megren Alrubia, Zubida M Al-Majdoub, Brahim Achour, Jill Barber, Amin Rostami-Hodjegan

    Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Crohn’s Disease on Protein Abundance of Human Intestinal Drug-Metabolising Enzymes and Transporters,” J. Pharm. Sci. 111(10): 2917-2929. (October 2022 issue).

The Tyler Prize for Stimulation of Research

  • Karen Farris

Wiederholt Prize for Best Published Paper Award for Economic, Social and Administrative Sciences

  • Bonnie Svarstad, Roger L. Brown, Theresa I. Shireman

    A successful intervention to improve medication adherence in Black patients with hypertension: Mediation analysis of 28-site TEAM trial.

Research Achievement in Pharmaceutical Sciences Award

  • Rajender R. Aparasu, MPharm, PhD, FAPhA

Clinical Research Paper Award

  • Tessa J. Hastings, David Ha, Brent I Fox, Jingjing Qian, Joni Lakin, Salisa C Westrick

    Increasing use of immunization information systems for routine vaccinations in independent community pharmacies: A randomized controlled trial