APhA Quick Quiz

Take APhA’s Quick Quizzes to learn more about the latest top issues and priorities that affect the pharmacy community.

Experts in the field present five questions based on the learning objective given with each quiz offering 0.5 continuing pharmacy education credits for participation. Below are five quizzes from 2020, for a listing of all the quizzes, go to the APhA Library and search for Quick Quiz. 

2020 APhA Quick Quizzes

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06/17/2020 06/17/2023 APhA Quick Quiz: A Pandemic Response to COVID-19
05/20/2020 05/20/2023 APhA Quick Quiz: Human Trafficking
04/22/2020 04/22/2023 APhA Quick Quiz: Precision Medicine
03/04/2020 03/04/2023 APhA Quick Quiz: Social Determinants of Health
1/22/2020 1/22/2023 APhA Quick Quiz: Conversations About Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks