A town hall experience in Ohio

So I get an email from Ernie Boyd, the longtime exec in Ohio. He tells us he is attending a town hall meeting so I asked him for his story. Here is what he said...

Tom, story to follow tomorrow. I just got back from 2 weeks vacation, and have been buried. I was a blip on this thing. Abortion, high spending, and veterans benefits took the stage. The civilized instruction to "put your questions on the AARP forms on the table" changed to "I'll stand up and ask whatever the hell I choose." This was a small town in the middle of Ohio that filled 360 seats, turned people away, had dozens of demonstrators, and cops at the door. Jeeeeeeepers. This was the most fun this Ohio pharmacy lobbyist had in years. Ernie

More to follow...Ernie is one of the good guys, doing his best to represent the interests of pharmacists in Ohio. These town hall meetings have taken on a life of their own, and the sentiments expressed are transcending the current debate and allowing the public to express their concerns.